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  1. hello , sou brasileiro quero contrata um gepard

  2. galera vocês tem como me arruma um npc tipo que fica andando por prontera falando as novidades no servidor? tipo um poring andando falando sobre as atulizações etc...
  3. ReDay

    configure cp

    I wanted to know how I do when a person creates account on the server, she already came with level 1 type level 0 and normal player level 1 and vip and level above 2 ja and staff gm etc ... I would like to know how I automatically make players like this when I create an account it ja vim level 1 I use simple cp ceres http://ragnasexy.myrag.com.br/cp/ I'm Brazilian, I do not know if I'm posting in the right place, sorry, if there is no way to do this with npc, how can I do something to let players level 1 automatically without vip?
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