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  1. Hi guys any idea about 2003.10.07 -> Episode 6.0: Global Project 2003.10.11 -> Amatsu with job 1-1 2-2 classic server what cities,npcs,monsters,items included and what mvp and mini boss do i disable thanks in advance
  2. Sir thank you for the fast replay SOLVED..
  3. Hi guys any one can help me with my problem =( // ------------------------- Custom Mid Headgears 29288,Alucard_Glasses,Alucard Glasses,5,0,,100,,,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,15,2,1024,,0,0,2172,{ bonus bAllStats,5; },{},{} << i can wear it 29289,Obito_Goggles,Obito Goggles,5,20,,100,,5,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,15,2,1024,,0,0,2173,{ bonus bAllStats,5; },{},{} 29290,Big_Back_Ribbon,Big Back Ribbon,5,20,,100,,5,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,15,2,1024,,0,0,2174,{ bonus bAllStats,5; },{},{} 29291,Chinese_Knot,Chinese Knot,5,20,,100,,5,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,15,2,1024,,0,0,2175,{ bonus bAllStats,5; },{},{} 29292,Robo_Headset,Robo Headset,5,20,,100,,5,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,15,2,1024,,0,0,2176,{ bonus bAllStats,5; },{},{} but the rest i cant wear it it says >> cannot be worn during current status i want to wear them to the Costume/Style
  4. yes but sir i dont know where are there the mvp or mini boss mobs and cards thats why i make this thread
  5. Hi guys does any one here have a list of mvp and mini boss cards and mobs please i been searching on google as well in rathena.org Thanks in advance who have it ...
  6. where exactly this sir >>> / check pick log table in your mysql db
  7. Hi any one can help me how to find logs for rathena server all logs like items logs trade buy sell etc thanks in advance
  8. nothing change sir do you have a video tutorial ?
  9. i dont have facebook sir can i request a screen shot sir where exactly to add this line > ACMD_FUNC(reloadmsgconf) i cant find it to my atcommand.cpp
  10. i cant find this line sir ACMD_FUNC(reloadmsgconf) { map_msg_reload(); clif_displaymessage(fd, msg_txt(sd,463)); // Message configuration has been reloaded. return 0; } but this i find it AtCommandInfo atcommand_base[] = {
  11. i dont know but how to add that sir
  12. i cant replace it because all of my custom item been there i just want to add a description on the normal dragon helm sir
  13. any quick guide how to replace it sorry sir i am begginer i need detailed guide i apologize sir for being slow its hard Thu
  14. i already added but cant show the description
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