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  1. Thank you for the idea, that will be noted. If I can find RWC script that will also be good.
  2. Hi there guys, I don't know if im in the right discussion but I want to ask if this kind of server will be any good? I tried to run a server 5 years ago, it was open for 6 months but after all the hard work, the server crashed and all database has been deleted then I did not continue on it. Now Im planning of opening a new server just pure pvp server, everything can be bought items & cards with instant leveler. It will be a pre re 99/70 server. By any chance, if possible, how would I maintain my players playing my server? Or Do you have suggestion for this kind of server features to be a long term server? I know that other have tried this kind of setting but ended up closing but I really have the passion to setup this kind of server. My aim is I just want players to have fun and not to get boring in the long run.
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