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  1. I'll test with some people that have that problem. ^^ Reply later...
  2. Some users of my server are getting trouble because the Netbanking APPs or some antiviruses dont let the game start... Nothings happen, only wont run...Any ideias how to fix this? Hexed compiled with NeM0
  3. [email protected] = countitem([email protected]); but, i need this script get the amount of arrows in getequipid([email protected]) instead of count all on invoque character
  4. @cash X is okay. @cash -X is not okay. here, at least.
  5. rAthena Hash: 9827bf6 (latest) Client Date: 2015-11-04a Server Mode: Renewal Description of Issue: Cash is not reducing after purchase and is only subtracted after you relog. @cash-X is not working too. No erros show in Emulator Result: Server's Exploit or End by buying itens without decrease the value spent Expected Result: spend the value after purchase How to Reproduce: Get Cash with @cash or #cash and try to buy anything on cash shop Official Information: empty Modifications that may affect results: nothing can change this Forum's Tag:https://rathena.org/board/topic/111626-warning-cash-shop-and-cash-ultra-bug-found/
  6. My creativity is not balanced. Any can share we us a CODED like this Add(1,5140,1,0,0,10007,30,2244,1,2209,20);
  7. This will check for users on a map. So, if noones is on prontera, the prontera will not exist... Is it?
  8. How can i do it ?./configure && make clean && make server for 32 bits on Machine Running 64
  9. Guys, if you enter a map like "pay_fild04" on a SCRIPT, how can i check if the map warp exists or not?
  10. How can i fix it?I need to set the Flux to renewal to use "ADD ITEM" functions...
  11. He use any HEX or edited GRF ? My mail is not working...
  12. Guys, anyone know why the mail system is not working on clients 2015+ ?
  13. Guys, i found a important LuaFiles to our serer, but they are locked inside a secured grf. Have some way to broken this security? #shareislife
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