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  1. Description: A collection of events I made 6 years ago (2011) on my server. I was using eAthena server files when I made these scripts. I'm not sure if it's compatible with rAthena's server files. Some servers are still using some of these scripts and I think they're using new emulators like rAthena or Hercules. I just want to share these scripts to everyone. I don't know anything about programming when I made these scripts so the code is quite ugly. I did not even use functions lol. Players on my server really enjoyed Stop the Clock and Guess the Word event. I can't answer any questions regarding these scripts. I can't even remember the codes I've written here. Download: babbs-event-scripts.rar prize-giver-sql-script.rar Events: Stop the Clock event Guess the Word event Run for your Life event Monster Hunt event - The last boss in Monster Hunt is a custom mob. Change it into whatever you want to avoid errors. True or False event Lucky Box Event Poring Punch event Poring Catcher event Racing event MVP event Last Man Standing event (pvp) Free for All event (pvp) Soccer Ball event Treasure Box event NPC: Prize Giver npc - Download the sql script in the link above. Load and execute it on your database (phpMyAdmin / MySQL Workbench). It will create a table used by the Prize Giver npc. It won't work without this table. Event Manager npc Event Warper npc Time Play npc Bubble Gum npc (copied the bubble gum quest in VanRO) Note: The prize of some events, especially the automated events, is a custom item. Change it into whatever you want to avoid errors.
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