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  1. Hello! Good Day! I'm just here to ask the community about the reply of our admin/gm in the server we are playing. Cause if I count it right this is the second time he says that "rathena is still developing" a specific skill. The first time I just don't mind it then this. I just want to ask for you opinion. (I will give some translation on the screenshot) ( GM/Admin can you fix the skills of Oboro on (CP) the (Kunai Explosion) and (Swirling Petals) I can use the skill but there's no damage. ) Admin/GM Reply: Oboro Aoe skill you are using is not release yet of Rathena. It still under devopment. Player 1: When is the release of calf weapon? Player 2: Ohh? I'll try to ask rathena community. I'm also hoping to use ninja. All I want to know is that true? Is it still in development? Can you confirm and enlighten me? So sorry for this nonsense like question. But I hope you can help us. Since I suspect this is already good and working and just reasoning the rathena thing? THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !!
  2. Hello! I just want know what is the name of this map. I hope someone can help me, I've been searching for this but I found nothing. If possible can you link me to the DL of this.? Thanks ..
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