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  1. Hello Sir Tokie,

    I have a question about your Act Editor.
    I put sound in my custom weapon but it is not work. 

    I put this file name _hit_saber05.wav in the Frame Sound but it is not work in my client 20120410.

    I already put the sound file in my wav on grf but its not working. Any suggestion about this?

  2. Good day Rathena Developers, any one can help me to fixed my problem on my client 2012 04 10. I have a problem why no sound on my weapon. I make custom weapons on the Act Editor so I put sound there for my First attemp. I put _hit_saber.wav and the file is already in my wav Folder on my grf. but when I attack in the server it is no sound there. ill try to put data on weapon weapontable.lub it is no sound too. any one same problem or can fixed this issue? sorry to my english :D.
  3. Hello Good Day how I can add Sound in Act Weapon Sprite?
  4. Hello Rathena. There is anyone know how to put mac address register using Patcher Client? and it will be disable the client exe if the user not use the Patcher? it is possible to do? thanks
  5. Hello Rathena Dev, Anyone have the same problem with Skill Devotion? How I can fixed this Issue? the Devotion not show in the Player 1 when the Player 2 is using Devotion skill. Can any one help me about this? pls help me Solve: Find This at status.c if(!(flag&SCSTART_NOICON) && !(flag&SCSTART_LOADED && StatusDisplayType[type])) replace this : if(!(flag&SCSTART_LOADED && StatusDisplayType[type])) LIKE IF THIS IS HELPED TO YOU.
  6. Im looking for a Bomb Poring Event Every Hour or Every 3PM and 6PM only with setting of Prize thanks in advance.