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  1. playgron


    Hey can I get a mirror link for this ? it's expired. and if GM use it on a player will they remain sit ? thx
  2. im talking about pre-renewal server , you tested it on renewal, and my server stats looks just like that (renewal) but I disabled renewal already. I tried on other server pre-renewal , the damage is so much difference, not like mine. And im a old player , I play on pre-renewal alot , but this card damage is just change slightly , like atk weapon is better , for example: Hunter bow[1] hydra is better than Composite Bow [4] Hydra hydra skel worker skel worker , when the compo bow shouldve give bigger damage on pre-renewal
  3. Hello guys so my server is using pre-renewal , but the damage seems weird. For example(for pvp/monster I tried it all): Sniper using hunter bow +0 , attacking player damage is 527 per hit (DS), and while he's using compo [4 hydra], attacking player damage is 570 per hit (DS) The difference is so small like renewal, but I already setting all on pre-renewal, any solutions ? same goes to monster , hunter bow damage almost the same with compo with 4 card elements. This is not only hunter bow , others aswell, like atk is better than card effect (Renewal).
  4. oh my ... topic solved thanks.
  5. nothing , still not showing anything when I moved the cursor
  6. I tried, still not showing buff timer , etc
  7. Update: I used stateicon lua files etc , but still not working. Tried so many times , is it the client 2018-06-20e problem ?
  8. Hello guys , I had a problem with status icon , im using 2018-06-20e RagexeRE , it doesnt show anything when u move/click your cursor on it. I want it to show the buff timer , etc. please help thx
  9. PROBLEM FIXED , just some error with custom commands thanks
  10. Hello guys so im using mvp script with rank every week player will get rewards (automated) , can any of you modify the script to change the reward into monthly ? thanks. OnInit: // set reward here ... 1st place won 10 red pot, 2nd place won 9 orange pot ... etc ... setarray .reward, 501, 502, 503; setarray .amount, 10, 9, 8; if ( !$mvp_rank_1st_sunday ) query_sql "select curdate() - dayofweek( curdate() ) +1", $mvp_rank_1st_sunday; // TRICK !! how to save the 1st sunday once the script installed OnSun0000: query_sql "select datediff( curdate(), '"+ $mvp_rank_1st_sunday +"' ) /7", .this_week_index; if ( .this_week_index == $mvp_rank_week_index ) end; [email protected]$ = "SELECT char_id, `name`, IF(@d=t.`mvp_kills`, @r, @r:[email protected]), @d:=t.`mvp_kills`, @i:[email protected]+1 "; [email protected]$ += "FROM `mvp_rank` t, (SELECT @d:=0, @r:=0, @i:=1)q "; [email protected]$ += "ORDER BY `mvp_kills` DESC LIMIT 10"; [email protected] = query_sql([email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]); if ( [email protected] ) { for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected] ) { [email protected]_query$[[email protected]] = "( "+ [email protected][[email protected]] +", "+ $mvp_rank_week_index +", "+ [email protected][[email protected]] +" )"; [email protected]_query$[[email protected]] = "( "+ $mvp_rank_week_index +", "+ [email protected][[email protected]] +", "+ [email protected][[email protected]] +", '"+ escape_sql([email protected]$[[email protected]]) +"', "+ [email protected][[email protected]] +" )"; } // query_sql "truncate table mvp_rank_archive"; // uncomment this line if you love to periodically clean your data query_sql "insert into mvp_rank_reward values "+ implode( [email protected]_query$, ", " ); query_sql "insert into mvp_rank_archive values "+ implode( [email protected]_query$, ", " ); query_sql "truncate table mvp_rank"; } $mvp_rank_week_index = .this_week_index; end;
  11. Hello guys I have a question about manual updates on github (linux). So from the commits , do I have to add each script manually ? because some of them have X sign what does that mean ? Please someone explain to me thanks
  12. SOLVED I forgot to give access to my other sql user for drop , closed.
  13. So im using this kinda script to truncate my mvp_rank table on every sunday , this is the example of the script: brasilis,223,189,3 script testtt 900,{ query_sql "truncate table mvp_rank"; end; } but when I tried it , it gave me errors [SQL]: DB error - DROP command denied to user 'asda'@'localhost' for table 'mvp_rank' [Debug]: at script.cpp:16557 - truncate table mvp_rank Anyone know how to make this possible ?
  14. finally! I removed those and it worked! thank you so much