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  1. forsaken

    How to double the cast skill rate

    sry if im interrupted another people question just want to know if i put mob_skill_delay: 50 then is it gonna reduce the delay?
  2. forsaken

    Helpp cant open browedit 2.0

    hahahaha demm me soo noobiess thanks sir for the time you waste on me and oh thanks for the invite really appreciate
  3. forsaken

    Helpp cant open browedit 2.0

    { "resolution" : [ 1920, 1080 ], "data" : { "ropath" : "D:/GAMES/RoMaker/RO/KRO/", "grfs" : [ "D:/GAMES/RoMaker/RO/KRO/data.grf", "D:/GAMES/RoMaker/RO/KRO/rdata.grf" ] }, "moveconsole" : true, "defaultmap" : "lighttest", "threadedrendering" : true, "backgroundworkers" : true, "fov" : 45, "vsync" : false } above is mine config.borf.json below is mine config.default.json { "resolution" : [ 1280, 720 ], "data" : { "ropath" : "D:/GAMES/RoMaker/RO/KRO/", "grfs" : [ "D:/GAMES/RoMaker/RO/KRO/data.grf", "D:/GAMES/RoMaker/RO/KRO/rdata.grf" ] }, "moveconsole" : true, "hideconsole" : false, "defaultmap" : "prontera", "skiploadingscreen" : false, "threadedrendering" : true, "backgroundworkers" : true, "fov" : 45.0, "vsync" : false, "stupidolrox" : false } below shown unable to find configuration file any mistake i made?
  4. forsaken

    Helpp cant open browedit 2.0

    yes i download it from github so i have to use the link's file to merge it with from the one i download?? or just use yours? sryy newbiess
  5. forsaken

    Helpp cant open browedit 2.0

    can somebody please tell me why this is happening?? i just want to learn make my own map ... and sry if i post in the wrong section
  6. umm stolaos-san thanks you for your great script it really help me alot for my new server teeheee and +1 hmm stolaos-san what should i put in location in mining script... below is the script MiningSpawn(<Amount>,<Tier>{,<Location>})
  7. forsaken

    Still learning

    huhuhu ... when the rathena change themes and wiki has been moved to git its like an awkward moment but its nice theme though.. hope can learning with all the pro player here.. xD ps im newbie and sry for the lame english