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  1. 1. total number of players killed.
    2. Highest Phy.Damage
    3. Highest Mag.Damage
    4. "TOTAL" amount of HP Healed from players

    I don't believe these are being stored currently. What would be the proper way to store these statistics so it could be reported on via a website as an example or through ingame.
    Can these be achieved through script, or would logging statements in the src code have to be done strictly. Or a mix of both?



  2. Again it's been a while unfortunately and I haven't tinkered with it for a few months, but with ollydbg you can attach to the client (for me I fumbled around) and find what controls the color of the text for the name of players/mobs. It's not much, but it's as much as I can give at the moment =/

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