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  1. You don't need to wipe the whole ragnarok db. just the atcommandlog table in log db. I tried and it worked for a short time. I tried switching to a Pre-renewal server and it worked. After recompiling again to a Renewal server, the issue repeated and the client would crash whenever i enter a single @command. I've tried clearing the atcommandlog table and even reverting back to Pre-renewal but the client wouldn't respond after a command.
  2. I actually had to start all over from scratch and deleted all copies of the existing rathena, latest kRO file and client. Redownloaded them, and setup once again. Though, the issue with the @commands starts whenever I kill a mob. That's actually weird man. It's working fine now!! Thanks! So it's actually because of atcommand? How can those log affect them? lol I haven't tried wiping the whole Ragnarok db and doing it all again. I'll try this tomorrow, since it's 12am here in the Philippines. I'll try to update the post once I've tried it. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Whenever I kill a mob, use command @baselvlup the client would just freeze. When i try to relaunch the client, it say's the server "still recognizes last log-in. again after a few minutes." After trying for several times, @go 0 would no longer work, @spawn and even @jump. It seems all GM commands won't work. I'm just new to the community, and just recently downloaded and followed this tutorial https://rathena.org/board/topic/104452-tutorial-how-to-create-ragnarok-offline-2015-client/as I'm not sure about SVN, but I'm pretty sure I've downloaded the latest version of rathena. Thanks.
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