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  1. I cannot thank you enough! It's been hell of a ride! Thank you!
  2. Naahhhh, no problem! I know you are a busy person, I had no intention of asking anything that would take more than 5 minutes. But I should have guessed it would be bound to the same palette line of the kimono! But THANKYOU again! Love your job!
  3. THANK YOU!!! But, is there any chance that you could edit the bandages on the hands and feet to the color black? Like the official art? I know that your release is based on jRO, but, is it possible that you could do it for us? ANW, thank you sooooo much! You don't know how much I've been expecting this release!
  4. It may not seems much but I am very grateful for your effort on this for free and only for the sake of your/our joy! And specialy because ragnarok is and will be my favorite mmorpg of my life! Thank you! Very much!
  5. Haziel, Male and Female Biochemist new costumes are like this: Edit: nvm, it must something I did wrong when applying the new grf, now it's working perfectly!
  6. INCREDIBLE!!! Thaks for your effort on this! It seems to me that your work is gonna rock more than the official files xD
  7. GOD!!! Amazing work! Never seen anything like it! Someday I'll order some of your work!