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  1. Good day peps. Can I request for someone to share these ragexeRE 2018-03-21aRagexeRE, 2018-03-28bRagexeRE & 2018-04-04cRagexeRE. I have googled it for 3 days now but no avail. thank you in advance . DONE I've found it.
  2. king34

    Help me...About This reallyx100 need help.

    woah!..XD thank you...i'll test it right away..thx for fast rep.=D
  3. Hello, can anyone help me in this?. 1. How to change the background?. 2.And if possible how can I make the message box disappear?..Direct to login box ( username and password )? 3.Please help me. 4.Thank you in advance.. =D good day~ aint it?.