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  1. thereis newes patch ? for latest trunk ?
  2. Hi Guys, Can you help me make an event like Dating Dungeon (DD) In Luna Online -Player Must Form a party wich the members Content is partner (Bound By Marriage "Bride And Groom") -The party have to anihillate mobs spawned in Room -Just Party Leader can talk to NPC, -the event can be used 10 time in a day -the npc will provide rooms that can be used for this event (like MVP Room by ~AnnieRuru~) Currently im using 3CeAM SVN, my scripting skill is suck and keep getting error in many test atempt I think I can make it by combining partial script of private mvp room and devil square (by ~AnnieRuru~), but I keep geting error messages on the console
  3. Replace all compare(getarg(.e+1),"Zeny"); to compare(""+getarg(.e+1),"Zeny");
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