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  1. how to make skill MO_TRIPLEATTACK can be critical...thanks...
  2. Em.....for example, A equipment:weapon,Headwear,armor,shoes or accessory. Only one can be equipped. Let 's illustrate with an accessory. We can choose an attribute at the beginning of the game. I choose one Skill Damage Increase(bonus2 bSkillAtk,sk,n);So My skill SM_BASH will be Increase damage by 1%. By player upgrading,I can make the equipment upgrade,This equipment will Increase the skill SM_BASH damage 1% everytime.It will be Increase damage by 100% in the last.... So,I want to ask that How to realize this function? How to store these functions in the database? I think i need to make a new item ,but i dont know how to write script in the item script and store the function....Can you give me some hints? We don't have to discuss how to upgrade the equipment。Just how to make the item Increase damage and upgrade Increase damage by the script function, NOT item script...OK...thanks...
  3. hello every body,I have an idea that make an emotion trigger. the npc like this: OnInit: defpattern 1, "([^:]+):.*\\s123.*", "talk"; activatepset 1; end; talk: npcskill "AB_HIGHNESSHEAL",100,130,175; percentheal 0,100; I want to use emotion "help" instead of text "123". So,how to make it..please..