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  1. It's been bothering me for a decade. So I finally decided to ask! Why is it that when I set an item to 100% drop rate, monsters still don't drop it 100% of the time? Like I'd set oridecons to 100%, but it's more like 33% in practice. No matter what I set the percentage, half the time monsters drop nothing. The only monsters that actually do have 100% drop rate of items is MVP and minibosses. Common mobs don't drop anything half the time. Why is this? For the record, max drop chance of all items is the default 100% in the conf files. I use mob_item_db and set the drop chance multiplier to 10000000.
  2. Monk/Champion/Sura skills don't work at all Gates of Hell only eat 2 spheres per use and 0% max sp. Throw Spirit Sphere always consumes only 1 sphere and hits 5 times every time. You guys should get the skills fixed asap.
  3. Thanks. Just out of curiosity, how did this happen? Did rAthena go through some kind of skill overhaul and this is a side effect? Or is this the correct behavior in kRO?
  4. When performing Sonic Blow or Cross Impact, the correct behavior is to be unable to normal attack until the skill is over. Currently I can attack immediately after casting. My normal attacks happen alongside my skill. How to fix?
  5. setting up rAthena was a breeze. It always has been even a decade ago. But I never could setup the client. I always had to download ratemyserver's test server client and copy the exe into my client and use that. It's 2020 and i decided to give ragnarok another go, and once again, rAthena was really easy to setup. The wiki did a fantastic job. But here I am, after googling for hours, still absolutely clueless as to how to setup the client. The wiki just says "hexing" and "diffing" with outdated links. This site's guides are also 2017 or 2018 using a 2015 unpacked client which apparently is unneeded now or something. I don't know. None of them explain anything. After hours of googling, all I got is: download kRO (downloaded the latest one on this site, 2020 01 24) download the renewal english data pack and paste it into the kRO. and then everything goes to hell. I downloaded Nemo, clicked select recommended which resulted in a mountain of error messages Always Call SelectKoreaClinetInfo(): Failed in step 2 - Calls missing for iteration no.0 Restore Login Window : Failed in step 1 Use Plain Text Descriptions: Failed in Step 1 - LangType Comparison missing Use Ascii on All LangTypes: Failed in Step 1 Remove Hourly Announce: Failed in Step 2 - Magic Divisor not found Cancel to Login Window : Patch Cancelled - Restore Login Window patch is necessary but not enabled Disable Help Message on Login: Failed in step 1 - Signature PUSHes missing At this point, I found a Hercules 2020 repack and, miraculously, using that client to connect to my server works, but I don't want to do that. I want to do it properly. SO. Could someone teach me how to setup the client? I downloaded this: and this: https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE and this: http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/ what's the next step? Thanks in advance.
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