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    Thor Patcher

    Please do not send me private message as my response would be in lowest priority. UPDATE IMPORTANT NOTICE: Not only this release is beta, there are few important changes need to note of: You now may modify the icon, code sign after pack configuration data. Some configuration entries are deprecated. Additionally, as you can tell, script support is coming...
    System Requirement: Windows 2000 or higher.
    Pack into single/multi grf file(s) [0x200]
    Automatically generates GRF if not exist
    RGZ support
    Customizable skin & language entries
    Background music
    No extra dll, not even config file is needed when distribute.
    Embed config file and resource data (images for background/buttons)
    Custom Button
    Remote config file
    Self update and client update [supports multi client exe update(Up to 255)]

    ConfigGenerator - Packs configuration and resources into the patcher or generate as a binary config pack.
    ThorMaker - make patch files into thor file, there two options file & grf, when choose file, the patcher will extract file into disk, and grf simply put in GRF. [Please do not pack GRF, instead you should pack the actual data.]
    CheckSum - Simply a crc32 tool, used to make sure patcher & client/game exe is up to date
    Internal Config and Remote Config:
    Internal config is simply the one embed inside patcher, store basic information required to run
    Remote config, is on web server (of course), it used configure extended features.



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