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  1. hi guys i want to ask how i change this script to baby 3rd job and baby 2nd job class {},{ changebase roclass(eaclass()|EAJL_THIRD); },{ changebase Class; } normal size of 3rd job -Note it change 3rd job Sprite depends on your Job {},{ if(roclass(eaclass()|EAJL_UPPER)) changebase BaseJob; },{ changebase Class; } normal size of 2nd job -Note it change 2nd job Sprite depends on your Job
  2. hello guys i want to asked if there's a script that disabling AFK points when you use dual client. example my main client is getting AFK points, when i login my 2nd account it should not get points. thank you in advanced.
  3. how to be exact and what line should i put the bragis
  4. hello guys i want to ask if there's a way to dispell Clown/Dancer Buffs. ex when im in woe and dispell the clown i cancel his buffs.
  5. - script zxzasasas -1,{ OnCmdHour: dispbottom "Your Server Cash:"; message strcharinfo(0),"Cash Points Total Balance = "+#CASHPOINTS+" Cash Points(s)"; end; OnInit: bindatcmd "points","playerpoints::OnCmdHour"; //@points to view time till next point. } just copy paste "message strcharinfo(0),"Cash Points Total Balance = "+#CASHPOINTS+" Cash Points(s)"; and edit #CASHPOINTS+ depends on your #variables
  6. hi everyone can i ask how to add special effects on mall warper, is it possible you can use high jump in transfering to another map? instead of warp
  7. thanks men i'll try it later hi can i ask do i need to add mob id or just skip and sprite id atw? ok nvm i get it~ thank you anyways
  8. is it posible our player or character ID become NPC Sprite? i've read some threads about it but not all, they say you need to clone your character? but there's no exact guide or script maybe.
  9. hello guys i want to ask how to make invalid command in normal player, let say i'm using gm right now and i left @warp prontera 125 111 in my alt , then i change to normal account i have mistakenly use @warp 125 111 in public, so other's think i'm a gm because i know that command i want to make it invalid when i mistakenly type it.
  10. look its not working. bandicam 2019-02-23 06-26-35-234.avi
  11. im not putting another id because the 657 is the same id of slim potion with brewer name. i wonder why it doesnt work but its the same id
  12. I want to ask if it is possible to use brew slim potion with name of the brewer on it because when i use the top slims. SPP skill dont recognize it, but tried @itemlist its the same id i wonder why it doesnt recognize with name slim potion.
  13. does anyone know how to fix this? need it badly.
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