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  1. i can see the map and npc's when teleported by npc karim pucci but after seconds client shutdown
  2. i checked all this files it's about client date when i use 2015 it work fine i need it to work 2013
  3. Help rockmi1,rockmi2,haraboro maps won't load im using 20130807 client other map work but this maps don't i checked grf and data all seems good ??? when i warp to harboro or rockridge client shutdown
  4. hi i have issue when i equip on some equipment won't load on NOMSG window (ALT+Q) unless i do @refresh please any help im using 2011 client
  5. i already did ..and also with 2013 client same problem
  6. i did nothing happen and im using 2011 client
  7. i need luafiles514 compelete im running pre mod with RE files client dare 2011 thanks Request>LUAFILES514 WITH folder: newskillinfo>skillinfo_f.lua
  8. help client close after @warp harboro1 and rockmi1 i check mao chace and database all seems fine ??? no error report on map serv char and log
  9. help i need change alignment of the script like this: if you have information just reply.thx
  10. help i did not find anything via grfeditor
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