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  1. Hi everyone, I have a question, is it possible to have an encrypted database with something else than MD5 (like sha256/sha-512) ? The MD5 is not very strong in security, the hash can be found on internet or with a software. On the other hand, is it possible to secure the database and the flux between the db/the server and the website if there is one ? R,
  2. Hello, yes i found with : overflow: hidden; Thank you
  3. Hello, I answer lately on this topic, i want to disable the scroll bar on my notice.html. I tried your answer @BeWan but without success.
  4. Okay, and how do you add the dll ? Thanks for your reply i found a solution, it was the client, i use wine version 1.7.51staging to run the 2017 client. Have a good day
  5. Hi everyone, I'm opening this topic because I play on a server on Ubuntu 16.04 and after the server add gepard shield, the client doesn't launch anymore. Before the add, the client worked perfectly. Do you know how to play on Ubuntu with the new client 2018 and gepard ? I precise than the patcher works fine and when I click on "Start" or on the .exe, the computer try to load the application but timeout after 10s maybe. Thx
  6. Okay I though the same things. I search a lot and i cant make it turn right :/. Too bad for Thor Patcher :/. Thank you for the answer .
  7. Hi there, I 've a question, is this possible to create a new team system ? I explain myself, I want to keep the basic system fo 12 players max for WoE but I want to have an other system like this but for 15 players for example. The team with 15 players max will be able to do Xp Team, Dungeon and Instance. Is this possible or not ? I think it's possible but i need to touch the configuration and not just a script, right ? Cheers mate ! Sorry for the wrong title, I put the wrong title, my topic talks about team system and no Thor Patcher. if a moderator can edit my title (Question about team system) :/.
  8. Check if your plist.txt is at the riht place in your folder. Verify if the path in the main.ini is good too. Your *.thor is in the good folder ?
  9. Hi there, I made a patcher for a server test at the moment and I want to know if it's possible to make two progress bar in a same Thor Patcher ? I have already one who works for every file but I want a other who can tell and show the % of the total file download. Is it possible or not ? If yes, how ? Thank you I use the latest version of Thor Pacther ( btw
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