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  1. Ok i see. My case causes SIGSEGV in various cases. For Ex. When to call Func in script, received signal SIGSEGV. 'run_script_main (st=0x7fffe2e7254c) at script.c' line : enum c_op c = get_com(st->script->script_buf,&st->pos); i guess st->bk_st's pointer has been lost when through db(in db.c *not use DBmap). But this line is a original code. So I think the cause in what I mentioned, also it's a comprehensive reason that is not specific.
  2. I don't need the latest version because it's for my personal study. Rather, using the latest version makes it harder for me to convert what I've been developing.
  3. I'm trying to operate eAthena(Since 2007) on Sentos 7. But it has a number of operational problems. Even though it was operated on Windows 10. it's pretty hard, and tired.. So I just want to know why on the latest version of Linux cause operational problems. (This must have worked. Maybe at Centus 6 32 bit.) What's the problem ? kernel version? Shell version? gcc version? or 64bit os?
  4. My linux server OS is centOs 7. and My athena is transferred from windows 7 that used long time. also Didn't install RO client on my linux server. As you can see the image. All maps are removed. What's the ploblem?
  5. When mob skill delay is 0, I measured monster's after skill delay. That's about 1.43 seconds. but I wanner more reduce the delay. How can i do?
  6. I cant find yet. How to make likes yuno and himinn? Unless hex edits.
  7. Before i used , But now that site destoryed. So... Who know viewing the 'newest' NPC & MOB LIST?
  8. I downloaded your new grf but It remain to get error. so I will change new pron church. Tokei Thanks to Your answer.
  9. I dont sure, I just know that my client is very old. even using xray.
  10. I used Tokei's newprontera.grf but It still has a client error nearby prontera church.
  11. I heard that someone can try the hacking through script. But I don't know specifically. is'n it?
  12. I wanner make real-time viewpoint. Original viewpoint just remain first point on mini map until end-time of viewpoint. but I want viewpoint is moved. (ex : when to use a monster.)
  13. thx. but my athena is ver11348... i don't use it. Are you using eAthena or rAthena? It's not a problem with your SVN. It's the client behavior. If you're using an old client (or xray) you will probably have lots of difficulty with this. i use ea. and my client ver20071017(not RE). so my client can't use WDGRemoveWeaponIDLimits.dll .
  14. thx. but my athena is ver11348... i don't use it.