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  1. Hi @Haruka Mayumi ^_^ Thank you for your response my post., anyway i already try the conf/motd.txt" but apportionately not working i already have text in the motd.txt but it appear automatically andwe dont have that context appearing my motd.txt in 3dots appearing - what do you mean for the rid script? i already check the script and no one error appear on my emulator. can you enlighten me a little bit sir/maam? much appreciated. Thank you in advanced.
  2. Hi Good day Rathena, i have a problem it almost a week since i try to locate in the emulator how to change the message content in the global message see image below, and lastly why do have a 3 dots appearing like you click the NPC its appear nearby.. see also the image below for the references. i hope you can help me what the problem and how to locate that script, Im a newbie here BTW, i am using 2018-04-18bRagexeRE Client and Anaconda Ragnarok Online complete offline server & client pack 2020 File and Tutorial. see the red rectangle box. Thank you in advanced Regards,
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