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  1. yep http://www.eathena.w...howtopic=275852 but the download link is broken =/ you are such a lucky boy, I got it in my random RO related files http://pastebin.com/dH1qkgdB oh boy thanks! I did the changes manually, uploaded an updated diff if anyone else is interested. Tested on r16804 now im trying to make it work with clif_showvendingboard. calling it on script vending_open doesn't seem to work, if you get too far away the board disappears. BUILDIN_FUNC(vending_open) { struct npc_data* nd; struct map_session_data* sd = script_rid2sd(st); nullpo_retr(0, sd); nd = script_hasdata(st, 2) ? npc_name2id(script_getstr(st, 2)) : map_id2nd(st->oid); if( nd == NULL ) { ShowWarning("script:vending_open: no script attached\n"); return 0; } clif_vending_script(sd, nd); clif_showvendingboard(&nd->bl,"hey",0); return 0; } I think the vending state on npc_data needs to be checked everytime someone is in view range, but dont know where. D= vending.patch
  2. yep http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=275852 but the download link is broken =/
  3. Is there a way to make NPCs use the vending skill to call shops? Instead of clicking on the NPC you would have to click on the shop balloon, like if you were buying from another player. Is this possible?
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