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  1. with older clients i found the option to patch the exe that the client will read PCPals.lub and in there is the connection between sprite and palette but on newer client you cant patch it and i doubt that there isnt anywhere saved wich sprite is looking for wich palette.
  2. Hi, i got the following problem. the mado costume sprite under: data\sprite\Àΰ£Á·\¸öÅë\¿©\¸¶µµ±â¾î_¿©_1.act wont use the palette: data\palette\¸ö\costume_1\¸¶µµ±â¾î_¿©_0_1.pal but instead use the palette: data\palette\¸ö\costume_1\¹ÌÄÉ´Ð_¿©_0_1.pal the result looks like this: one way to solve this would be to remake the palette "¹ÌÄÉ´Ð_¿©_0_1.pal" but since there is a specific palette for the mado gear costume sprite wich is working in Act Editor i would like to to make a change so that the sprite looks for the correct palette. does anyone know how to do this?
  3. Thanks for the Help. i already edited the part about the illustration and name but i was missing the line under Strings, so i added: [jobtbl.JT_NIGHTMARE_TERROR_H] = "Rigid Nightmare Terror", But that didnt do the Job somehow
  4. Hi i hope this is the right section for my problem. I'm working on getting more official Pet Evolution to be available and got most of it done. The Pet, the Bonus and even the Evolution itself is working but the two Pictures show what i can't get to work and i have no Idea why. In the Dropdownmenu where i choose to use the Evolution is no Name listed and in the Window for the Evolution itself i dont have the Illustration and Name for the new Pet. Under the Handsymbol is a thin blue Line and if i click it i get the right Pet Information and after the Evolution i got the correct Illustration of the Rigid Nirgtmare Terror in the Pet Status. So does anyone know what im missing or where i have to look for it?
  5. Hi, since i want to use a offline Server to Test some Build and Equip-Combination for the offical Server (Renewal) i play on, i would like to change the ASPD Formula to the iRO ASPD Formula but could only find unsolved Requests of the same kind. I know i need to make the changes in status.c and got an idea for some of it already but not so sure about other stuff and would like to ask for help. The iRO Formula is the following: I startet to change some Stuff but in the Process of it i figuered i need to unterstand more of the original rAthena Formula to make this changes #ifdef RENEWAL_ASPD int16 skill_lv, val = 0; float temp_aspd = 0; amotion = job_info[classidx].aspd_base[sd->weapontype1]; // Single weapon I'm no 100% sure but i think i can leave this part alone since the Job ASPD seem to be the same in iRO and kRO if (sd->status.shield) amotion += job_info[classidx].aspd_base[MAX_WEAPON_TYPE]; else if (sd->weapontype2 && sd->equip_index[EQI_HAND_R] != sd->equip_index[EQI_HAND_L]) amotion += job_info[classidx].aspd_base[sd->weapontype2] / 4; // Dual-wield switch(sd->status.weapon) { case W_BOW: case W_MUSICAL: case W_WHIP: case W_REVOLVER: case W_RIFLE: case W_GATLING: case W_SHOTGUN: case W_GRENADE: temp_aspd = status->dex * status->dex / 7.0f + status->agi * status->agi * 0.5f; This part i want to change to: temp_aspd = status->dex / 0.19212f + status->agi * 9.999f; break; default: temp_aspd = status->dex * status->dex / 5.0f + status->agi * status->agi * 0.5f; This part i want to change to: temp_aspd = status->dex / 0.19212f + status->agi * 9.999f; break; } temp_aspd = (float)(sqrt(temp_aspd) * 0.25f) + 0xc4; Here i belive i need to change the part: * 0.25f to multiplicate with the ASPD Penalty but I'm not sure how to get the Base ASPD to calculate that and what does the + 0xc4 mean? if ((skill_lv = pc_checkskill(sd,SA_ADVANCEDBOOK)) > 0 && sd->status.weapon == W_BOOK) val += (skill_lv - 1) / 2 + 1; if ((skill_lv = pc_checkskill(sd,GS_SINGLEACTION)) > 0 && (sd->status.weapon >= W_REVOLVER && sd->status.weapon <= W_GRENADE)) val += ((skill_lv + 1) / 2); amotion = ((int)(temp_aspd + ((float)(status_calc_aspd(&sd->bl, &sd->sc, true) + val) * status->agi / 200)) - min(amotion, 200)); At this point i dont know how to proceed further. I need to calculate the ASPD Correction, Equip ASPD% and Base ASPD but not exactly sure how to do it and put em together at the end. Maybe someone did it already or could help me. Best regards
  6. Hi i got the following Errors after the Serverselection and right before the Charselection. After those two Messages the Exe Crashs everytime, anyone got an Idea what to do?
  7. I tired the User: root and the one i made: renewal but both doesn't work because the loginserver tries ragnarok and i don't know why and how to change that... Does anyone know how i can get the Login-Server to use the correct Logininformation?
  8. In front of the bind-ip are "//" should i remove them and comment it? i rechecked the Credentials but the Problem ist the Login-Server.exe isnt trying to connect with my information, even the Database is worng From my inter_athena: // Global SQL settings // overridden by local settings when the hostname is defined there // (currently only the login-server reads/obeys these settings) // MySQL Login server login_server_ip: login_server_port: 3306 login_server_id: root login_server_pw: password login_server_db: renewal login_codepage: login_case_sensitive: no
  9. Hi everyone, i have a little Problem to get the Login-Server running since it always tries to login with username:[email protected] and pw:ragnarok and can't get access because the user doesn't exist. In MYSQL i made a User(only Examples): user1 with the Password: password and made a Login in the DB with the same Data. I also changed the Logins in char_athena,map_athena, inter_athena and compiled the server but somehow he wont take the Information from the inter_athena.conf into the login-server.exe. Btw the map- and char-server use the user1 Login without a problem. Any Idea what i'm doing wrong?
  10. Thanks the Skills and the Waypoints i got translatet now, how about the Chats and any Way to make the Invetorywindow smaller?
  11. Hi, how can i get all those Things translated and why cant i make the Inventorywindow smaler? I'm running a Pre-Renewal Server with the 2012-04-10a Client and use the v3 Datafolder of this Post http://rathena.org/board/topic/66962-basic-complete-renewal-data-english-folder/ using the v2 Datafolder resulted with the same Problem
  12. Hi, how can i get all those Things translated and why cant i make the Inventory smaler? I'm running a Pre-Renewal Server with the 2012-04-10a Client and use the v3 Datafolder using the v2 Datafolder resulted with the same Problem
  13. Hi want to use edited Renwal Items and Mobs on a Pre-Renewal server wich Folders/Data i have to edit/copy to get this working and is there a Tool to edit Items and/or Mobs?
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