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  1. Ooooh! Thanks! be sure too have a EXE wher the diff "READ DATA FOLDER FIRST" and "LOAD LUA FOR LUB" is NOT DIFFED. Did that in my client. It crashes after I logged-in and the client closes.
  2. Yes, my connection is @
  3. Nahhh! I made a grf only with the clientinfo. Is that right? I did what you told me and still unreadable...
  4. This skills are all in Korean. RO folder is kinda messed-up tho.
  5. //2012-04-10aRagexeRE 0x01FD,15,repairitem,2 0x089C,26,friendslistadd,2 0x0885,5,hommenu,2:4 0x0961,36,storagepassword,0 0x0288,-1,cashshopbuy,4:8 0x091C,26,partyinvite2,2 0x094B,19,wanttoconnection,2:6:10:14:18 0x0369,7,actionrequest,2:6 0x083C,10,useskilltoid,2:4:6 0x0439,8,useitem,2:4 0x0945,-1,itemlistwindowselected,2:4:8 0x0815,-1,reqopenbuyingstore,2:4:8:9:89 0x0817,2,reqclosebuyingstore,0 0x0360,6,reqclickbuyingstore,2 0x0811,-1,reqtradebuyingstore,2:4:8:12 0x0819,-1,searchstoreinfo,2:4:5:9:13:14:15 0x0835,2,searchstoreinfonextpage,0 0x0838,12,searchstoreinfolistitemclick,2:6:10 0x0437,5,walktoxy,2 0x0886,6,ticksend,2 0x0871,5,changedir,2:4 0x0938,6,takeitem,2 0x0891,6,dropitem,2:4 0x086C,8,movetokafra,2:4 0x08A6,8,movefromkafra,2:4 0x0438,10,useskilltopos,2:4:6:8 0x0366,90,useskilltoposinfo,2:4:6:8:10 0x0889,6,getcharnamerequest,2 0x0884,6,solvecharname,2 0x08E5,41,bookingregreq,2:4 //Added to prevent disconnections 0x08E6,4 0x08E7,10,bookingsearchreq,2 0x08E8,-1 0x08E9,2,bookingdelreq,2 0x08EA,4 0x08EB,39,bookingupdatereq,2 0x08EC,73 0x08ED,43 0x08EE,6 0x08EF,6,bookingignorereq,2 0x08F0,6 0x08F1,6,bookingjoinpartyreq,2 0x08F2,36 0x08F3,-1 0x08F4,6 0x08F5,-1,bookingsummonmember,2:4 0x08F6,22 0x08F7,3 0x08F8,7 0x08F9,6 0x08FA,6 0x08FB,6,bookingcanceljoinparty,2 0x0907,5,moveitem,2:4 0x0908,5 0x08D7,28,battlegroundreg,2:4 //Added to prevent disconnections Solved! Changed my packet DB to this one. Thanks to ossi0110
  6. Your good! Thanks dude!!! How do I change the language? I downloaded the english data 3.0
  7. I logged-in, created a character, after selecting I got rejected from sever. And I got this... Thanks in advance! I'm using 20120410 client and I already changed it in the mmo.h
  8. PACKETVER 20120410 Ang nilagay ko kasi 'yan ang gamit na client ko.
  9. Kapag sinusubukan ko ng pumasok sa map pagkatapos kong gumawa ng character ito yung lamalabas.