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  1. Scofield

    fluxcp rss news

    how do I fix these ipb news systems codes application.php news.php
  2. Scofield


    how do you fix this error? please clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x6a9c, 19 bytes received), disconnecting session #3
  3. hello guys how do I recall the da wot map
  4. I changed vip system for this
  5. On my test server only logs accounts with group id 99 what is this how to solve?
  6. hello guys how do i put the vip + cash days in a window when the player logs in .. ie information of the vip and cash days example in picture Script vip
  7. o npc da print não da mais é o mesmo que postei a cima só arruma os menu exemplo.. "o que eu ganho? ai vem uma lista do que o player vai ganhar na maquina de premiação
  8. thanks it worked one more thing how do i add two example menus in the images picture 1Picture Two
  9. hello guys how do i fix this error in this npc error on line * 36 script:
  10. Like i played on a server before closing it when i used the idun apple clow skill or any other character would go up hp type would duplicate hp the server was pre re 255/70 this is the formula but does not change the hp remains the same
  11. Boa noite galera como faço para alterar idun do menestrel para aumentar o hp servidor pré re 255/70
  12. Hello good night I would like to make formula for skill idun of minestrel server 255/70
  13. Good morning guys, I'm testing the star emperor and soul reaper classes plus the skill is giving it here, so do not take monster damage.
  14. boa noite galera como faço para colocar as duas classes novas nesse script mestra das classes