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    RagnaLand is looking for dedicated staff members. The server will open in October. Open positions are: Support GM [PH] 1x Support GM [PT] 1x Support GM [RU] 1x Event GM 2x You can apply via discord: 레베카#4526 Payment is in cash points (not items!) on a weekly basis. Below are our server specs. Please only apply if our server setup suits you and you can see yourself enjoying to work with us. Thanks!
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    > ATTN: As per November 18th 2019, the server's name & domain has been changed. Kindly inquire privately for the updated info! < Hey everyone, for a server that's being developed as we speak, we're looking for 1~2 Core Devs. Main Tasks: - Implementation, alteration and fixing of codes, either your own or someone else's. - Average ~ expert knowledge of SQL and C++/parsing. Other Expectations: - Having an own test server will be mandatory for your first period among us. - Must be able to properly and professionally communicate with other staff members (and future players, if needed). - Must have a favorable over-all attitude: trustworthy, patient, kind, respectful, responsible, optimistic, keen to help. - Must be willing and capable to work (independently) using our Trello project tracker/to-do list: regularly picking up on tasks and maintaining/updating them when the status of a task has changed. - Must be willing to comply to our application procedure (application form/questionnaire -> voice interview -> server (features) self-study). We take our recruitment serious and - assuming you make it through - the entire procedure is expected to take up to three hours, spread across 1~3 days. We have the intention to use a part of the incoming donations to contribute to rA's crowdfunding for the hard work being delivered, as well as compensate our staff members. For a swift reply, please reach out through Discord: Simone#7008
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