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    Head palette generator

    Hi folks!
    I was tired of renaming the names of my head palettes, so I designed a small program to do it for me. Basically, you chose one or more input file(s), a palette number, the number of male and female hair styles, an output folder, and it copies the files for you with the correct names.
    You can specify different hair style numbers for male and female (let's say 20 styles for male and 30 for female). You can choose more than one input file ; in that case, each input file will result in different palette-numbered output files (very usefull if you have lots to do).
    It is written in JAVA, so it is an .jar executable file. You will need JAVA installed on your computer to run it. It is free to use and share, have fun =)



  2. Free

    Railgun Garment

    Hello everyone, first sorry for english, I am Braziliam, so...Anyway.
    At one point I needed this tool, as it had no functional or practice, I decided to create with my low knowledge in Delphi.
    The name is "Railgun Garment" cause I love Misaka and because its a fast way to make Garments.
    Thanks to Madtoyz for guide here, where I see the names class to make the tool: http://rathena.org/board/topic/72734-guidecustom-wings-at-robe-place/?p=148019#entry148019

    How to use the tool?
    Simple, put the sprite and act of a file on the folder "Input", the name must be "sprite.spr" and "sprite.act".
    After this, wait all the progressbar and your files will be in Output/male and output/Female.
    Accept suggestions if I go do some updating.

    I maked for acceletare my server, but I not share with rathena?

    Accept suggestions if I go do some updating.



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