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Rules and Regulations - Script/Database/Source Release


In all sub-forums of this section , you are still bound to follow the rAthena Board Rules.

Topic Author:

  1. Do not release scripts that are not of your own creation unless you can provide evidence of explicit permission from the original author to do so.
  2. Attempt to post your script in the proper section. If you're not certain as to where to post it, feel free to ask one of the Moderators.
  3. Your script release should contain at the very least a 3-4 sentences description or summary that clearly states what your script does.
  4. Do not use [ quote ] or [ code ] tags to release your script.
  5. Attempt to have multiple hosts for your scripts as to prevent dead links. 3 or more links are ideal.
  6. Your script should not contain any malicious code or produce the name of any servers in game where it will be visible to other players.
  7. Your script release should be tested, polished, map-server error free, and debugged fully or to a certain extent prior to release.
  8. Links to your script should directly provide the script without the need for registration. 
    • Hosting your script in X Site and requiring users to register to see the script is not permitted.



  1. Do not create topics in this section asking for support or requesting for scripts.
  2. You're not allowed to bump your topics if you're not providing any new updates prior to your previous post.
  3. Do not post anything irrelevant contents in the topic. 
    • Avoid posting irrelevant replies
      Example: "Bump...", "+1~999...", "Link down..."
  4. If the link for the release isn't available, PM the author for any backup link.
  5. Do not judge others script as being too simple. 
    • The standard for scripts is decided by Moderators, inappropriate scripts will be removed by the staff.
    • If you think a script is not appropriate for release, hit the report button and it'll be reviewed by Moderators.



  • Violate these rules may result in immediate deletion of the topic/post, warning increase, and restriction of posting abilities for a certain period of time.
  • On future offenses, member is to receive an increase in the warn level and have their posting abilities restricted for a certain period of time to be determined by the Moderators handling the case.

* rAthena Staff reserves the right to add to and change the rules at any time. It is your duty to keep up with any changes and follow them to the best of your ability.


Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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