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Posted by Golem1988 on 06 September 2012 - 04:54 PM

Actually Eden now is with some bug, and very much quests are missing...
About bug: when you have done 70 lvl quest, Toren gives a second bunch of the same equips player received while making 60 quest... Dunno where is the problem exactly, but there definetely is some bug somewhere )
And may I ask? How about 60-100+ quests? When will be theese quests implement? Thanks, sorry if the second part is offtop.

me too, got same problem

Fixed in r16781. I don't know if my fix is the official behavior, but it's the best I could do.

Fixed in r16781. I don't know if my fix is the official behavior, but it's the best I could do.

Thanks... It would be really great, if for 60 lvl players would receive the last equips, but for the next ones they'll would unlock the ability to enchant some new item... this would look like official script ) Anyway, I will try to look this script further and find some solution... but It would be still perfect if you'll try to do so, just cause you'r scrupting knowleges are much better than mine )

That's what already happens with my fix, isn't it?

As I tested it, I found all the 3 enchantments at the same time, but if I ain't wrong, enchantments shoud open one-by-one... dunno exactly, sorry, just telling You what my testers said )

If someone can find a source for that information, it won't be a problem to add. I'm not going to commit any code on "maybe", though.

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