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[Skill Rebalancing] - kRO

Posted by GM Takumirai on 23 May 2012 - 06:43 PM

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his is information about the balance patch that iRO is getting. This information is given from kRO HQ to iRO and was allowed to be released by iRO GM's. It does not contain all formulas. Do not update the wiki with these formulas till Sakray is up next week and these formulas are verified.

Special thanks to Heimdallr, Oda, Inubashiri, Holden, and GM Team for making this possible.

These are the supposed skill formulas after balance changes, directly from kRO headquarters.
Players are encouraged to test skill against these skill formulas.

Note that skill formulas are subject to change.

Arch Bishop: Here!

Guillotine Cross: Here!

Mechanic: Here!

Warlock: Here!

Genetic: Here!

Ranger: Here!

Rune Knight: Here!

Maestro/Wanderer: Here!

Royal Guard: Here!

Shadow Chaser: Here!

Sorcerer: Here!

Sura: Here!

Deleted - too long
- ill post the link

Deleted - too long
- ill post the link

Deleted - too long
- ill post the link

- Hoping that this will be implemented to our skills, since we are running in renewal and kRO is planning to patch this skills re-balancing.

Oh lordy..
Not even all skills are implemented yet, neither with old formula nor new one and you come with this, still needs a lot of optimization and adjusting.
Might've been better to make individual posts for skills or classes.
Or post it in a general section for people to look at..

if you mind can I know/see the source..thanks..^^,

even philippine ragna also has this rebalancing..

- thanks hope this is going to be apply in rAthena.

i think this was from 08/31/2011 kRO Maintenance of sakray test server which was added to main server idk when

infos from iRO wiki
08/31/2011 - Class Balance Changes

do u have the latest rebalancing? i think philippine ragnarok will apply changes, ilait for there patch

rAthena must follow this, cause official did

- i suggest this also :D lets wait for them :)

test a lot of this skill on iro and look's to be like the doc files

if you can post some confirmations the better...

I think your confirmations will help a lot..^^

- michro cn u help us confirm it? bcoz i dont play in iro

These new formulas are the actual iRO official. Renewal 2.0 (or Rebalancing) is implemented in most offical servers by now. I tested a few and it really matches these ones posted here. The shadow chaser masquerades, asura strike sp healing delay etc...

Any prevision on when rAthena will be implementing these scource codes?

yes most of the skills formula posted over there are used on iro server now... i play that P.. and formulas are working same as posted except few changes made by iro on later bases to particular classes

Just an update:
Guillotine Cross skills formula/behavior updates.(r16243)
Sura skills formula/behavior updates.(r16424,r16429)

all updates are based on my test in aegis/iRO/kRO and most of them are included in the re-balances posted above however some are already updated and need to be formulate..

Wow, that's a massive list :o

Thanks for the update! :)

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