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unsupported packet (0x0041)

Posted by eAthena Bug Archive on 05 July 2011 - 06:48 AM


Sometimes people receive 'disconnected' when opening the storage. eAthena say:

[Warning]: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x0041, 35 bytes received), disconnecting session #7.

Any solution? Default Storage (600).

I'd like to know the client version you were using. thanks

i have problem [Warning]: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x7c1f, 4 bytes received), disconnecting session #4.

im using RagexeRE 2011-05-17b

I'd like to know the client version you were using. thanks

On eA, the bug reporter posted after his report that he was using 2011-05-03.

I believe this problem comes from having too many items within one tab of a storage. What will also happen is all of the items within that storage tab will then disappear making it impossible to view them. The client can only load up to 600 items max for view. So what most likely would need to be done is each tab should seprately load each type of item and it should be a set number which never goes over 600 and how many of each item that can be put into a storage needs a limit.

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