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Mail System Mms-bug

Posted by eAthena Bug Archive on 09 June 2008 - 12:17 PM


Mail system works perfectly with MMS(multi-map-server) setup except one thing: when you send mail from one map-server to another, you

1) do not receive a notification
2) gotta relogin to receive a new mail

Why the problem occurs:

1. In the map-server, the new mail retrieval (from SQL) occurs ONLY if "sd->mail.inbox.changed == true"

2. The only place where we make it "true" is here:
static void intif_parse_Mail_new(int fd)
sd->mail.inbox.changed = true;

3. It is the function that parses a "new mail" notification from the char-server. So, our second problem is caused by the first one: once we receive notification, eA will know that we want to load a new mail from sql, not from internal map-server db.

1. Make char-server(not the map-server) send notifications:

Char server already sends notifications in all cases but the ordinary mail sending. So...

Find and ADD (char-server)
static void mapif_parse_Mail_send(int fd)
mapif_Mail_send(fd, &msg); // we send the "mail sent" notification to the sender
+ mapif_Mail_new(&msg); // we send the "new mail" notification to the receiver

2. Remove the notification sending from the map-server
Find and REMOVE (map-server)
static void intif_parse_Mail_send(int fd)

- if( (sd = map_charid2sd(msg.dest_id)) )
- {
- sd->mail.inbox.changed = true;
- clif_Mail_new(sd->fd, msg.id, msg.send_name, msg.title);
- }

Now char-server sends mail notifications, and everything works fine.

Hope to see it fixed, thx.

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