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This is a reference list of script-related work that needs to be done. Non-developers may check the status of tasks here, but many links may be inaccessible. If something is not on this list that should be, send me a PM; developers, feel free to add to the list. This is not for bug reports.

npc/quests/first_class/ [unassigned]

> These are ancient and very repetitive scripts.

Separate Cat Agents [unassigned]

> Low-priority, purely organizational.

Standardize script format [unassigned]

> Very low-priority, but should probably be done since the source was standardized.

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El Dicastes update [Joseph] :: r17009

> Official replacement of our current scripts.

3-1 and 3-2 job updates [Euphy]

-- Arch Bishop, Guillotine Cross, Mechanic, Royal Guard (r16990);

-- Sorcerer, Wanderer (r16991);

-- Geneticist, Warlock, Sura (r17010);

-- Minstrel, Shadow Chaser (r17024);

-- Rune Knight, Ranger (r17028).

Rewrite all UseSkillToPC commands [Euphy] :: r17049

> Replace all instances of UseSkillToPC with our command.

> Most developers have not left a comment for the original command, so we'll need to prune through all the official files (making this a far more time-consuming task).

Bio Lab 4 Access Quest translation [Euphy] :: r17063

> Initial implementation.

Endless Tower update [Euphy] :: r17165

> Update to match the latest official script.

Dewata script update [Lemongrass/Euphy] :: r17178

> Official replacement of our current scripts.

Malangdo scripts [Euphy]

> Official scripts.

-- r17056, r17060, r17158, r17167, r17168, r17172, r17186, r17224, r17234, r17269, r17275, r17279, r17328

Mora NPCs and quests [Euphy] :: r17325, r17340

Mora Enchants [Euphy] :: r17342, r17344

Hazy Forest instance [Euphy] :: r17344

> Official scripts.

Hall of Abyss [Euphy] :: r17368

> Official scripts.

> We currently need a lot more information on when investments start/end and when dungeons open/close.

Old Glast Heim Memorial Dungeon translation [Euphy] :: r17426 / 914dbda

> Initial implementation.

Port Malaya quests [DeadlySilence/Euphy]

Port Malaya instances [Euphy]

> Official scripts.

-- Finished as of a1adc15.

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