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Move Flux to Webhosting Error


hi, i got this error when install new flux on my webhosting

Error: PDOException

Message: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2003] Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111)

File: /home/ropk8475/public_html/lib/Flux/Connection.php:81

File	Line	Function/Method
/home/ropk8475/public_html/lib/Flux/Connection.php	81	PDO::__construct()
/home/ropk8475/public_html/lib/Flux/Connection.php	94	Flux_Connection::connect()
/home/ropk8475/public_html/lib/Flux/Connection.php	159	Flux_Connection::getConnection()
/home/ropk8475/public_html/modules/install/index.php	17	Flux_Connection::getStatement()
/home/ropk8475/public_html/lib/Flux/Template.php	375	include()
/home/ropk8475/public_html/lib/Flux/Dispatcher.php	170	Flux_Template::render()
/home/ropk8475/public_html/index.php	169	Flux_Dispatcher::dispatch()
Exception Trace As String
#0 /home/ropk8475/public_html/lib/Flux/Connection.php(81): PDO->__construct(*hidden*)
#1 /home/ropk8475/public_html/lib/Flux/Connection.php(94): Flux_Connection->connect(Object(Flux_Config))
#2 /home/ropk8475/public_html/lib/Flux/Connection.php(159): Flux_Connection->getConnection()
#3 /home/ropk8475/public_html/modules/install/index.php(17): Flux_Connection->getStatement('SELECT VERSION(...')
#4 /home/ropk8475/public_html/lib/Flux/Template.php(375): include('/home/ropk8475/...')
#5 /home/ropk8475/public_html/lib/Flux/Dispatcher.php(170): Flux_Template->render()
#6 /home/ropk8475/public_html/index.php(169): Flux_Dispatcher->dispatch(Array)
#7 {main}

i have do setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect=1 and firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=3306/tcp --permanent; firewall-cmd --reload
 on my server VPS but nothing change.

someone can help me ?

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