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Request this script


i want make some event like this
the event gm will announce,and got 1 npc at town.
player click the npc and the npc ask for find item (gm set the item) as many as player find the item,
and give back to the npc,then the npc show who the top 10 in the list with amount of item he/she find..
gm will make this event for 1 week..and the winner will get the price from gm.
please help,

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you need wait at least 24 hours for a bump and add more information that just "bump" maybe someone read it but didnt understand try explain it better editing post ^^ also... wait some time 3 or 4 hrs usually is not enough to make the script more if is an "event" ^^

PD: i also bumped once like you and i got warning for that reason saying you this... gl with the script ^^

Also you can try edit the topic to be more specific for example when i request something i put something like "R> a NPC that exchange X item for Y item with Z Ammount" then the scripters can get an easy idea about what and inside this you explain everything also try add a example like "similar" thant you want... well that could help you to get a faster answer c:

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I tried this but I don't know how to do this part:

3 hours ago, joker1992 said:

then the npc show who the top 10 in the list with amount of item he/she find


What I can do is make a script where the player gets "points" (in form of a variable) for turning in items but because I am not the best at scripting yet, you, as the admin, will have to manually look through each players points when the event is over - I don't know how to make a dynamic ladder

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as i understand for this request is like a "simon's said game" i usually see these event do it manually by a gm "the gm ask for X item and the player have to bring it" i guess what he want is that event on an npc... well is how i understand his request :D

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