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Hey guys,


I'd like to share some of my personal scripts with you.


We've all learned a lot from each other over the years, and I'm a big believer in continuing that cycle. We have some truly amazing servers, features and game-play in modern day RO servers, and a lot of that is thanks to people sharing scripts and providing feedback and then making that information known to the public. I want to share some of the information I've learned with you all.


The scripts I'll be providing are a mish-mash of many features and systems. Many of my scripts are simply "for-fun" type, something that just makes the game a little more interesting/unique, but I'll also be adding a lot of functional scripts too- scripts that will actually improve your quality of gameplay. I don't know nearly as much as many people doing this do, but I pride myself on both the simplicity and quality of my scripts, and I hope they'll be a use to you in some way.



One last note...


While you are obviously not (and shouldn't be) legally-required to give me credit for my work, I ask that you please do. Writing scripts can take dozens if not hundreds of hours, and it isn't right to lay claim to other people's work. I wouldn't make a big deal out of it if I found out my script had been ripped off, but just be a decent person and give credit where credit is due. Regardless, enjoy the scripts, and if you find any bugs or would like to post any thanks, suggestions or comments, please feel free to do so. Have fun!



Without further adieu, here are my scripts, provided for your use and enjoyment!


#1: Disguiser

Super simple but awesome script! Allows any player to temporarily turn into a monster .This is the ultimate ''for-fun" script.


#2: Endower

This endower (or 'Elementalist')  will imbue your weapon with the power of fire, ice, wind or earth for 25,000z for about 30 minutes. This is a great way to give players the option of having enchanted weapons if you don't want them to use converters or don't want to gimp the sage class, as this is much more expensive that using a sage to endow yourself.


#3: Coin Exchanger

A truly excellent coin exchanger. Trade lower grade coins for higher grade, and higher grade for lower grade. The highest grade is Platinum, and once you have a Platinum Coin, it can be given to the exchanger in return for 20-some different prizes, all of which are relatively balanced, like potions and scrolls. This is a great choice for low-rate servers or those who don't want over-powered donation items circulating in their economy.





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