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  1. Is there a fix to this or just remove it? if we remove what would happen, party members with the same mission wont get the kills at all even on same map?
  2. Hi guys! Does this happen to your partymembers as well? Release/mission_board_r2.6.txt at master · AnnieRuru/Release · GitHub Issue: Party member with the same mission gets the monster kill count of another member even if the player is on different maps. Player 1 - kills a monster on a field. Player 2 - gets the kill count as well even if he is on a Town. Both players took the same mission at the same time. Is this a bug or there's a setting to turn this off?
  3. Is it possible for anyone to share the direct fix?
  4. Hi All! just wanted to know how could I fix this quest information? I am already using Chris' questid2display.txt under pre-renewal>data folder as I am running in pre-renewal.
  5. Hi all, Main issue - Map-Serve inspected on htop goes up to 60% - 90% in CPU Usage. not always but when the cpu usage spikes up to those percentage it results to a slight slide / character turns around for a second, backtracks a few cells. I've been dealing with this issue for 1 week now, initially the server is hosted on OVH's vps plan then transferred to OVH Dedicated Server. Transferring to the Dedicated server greatly reduced the chance of the cpu usage to hit the 60% mark, actually for a week after transferring to the dedicated server it hit the 60%-90% cpu usage last night. At normal it sits at 35%-50% on the dedicated server. I'm not sure if this is normal or too high already. More info: Dedicated Server CPU - i7 7700 4c/8t 4.2 to 4.5 ghz RAM - 32GB rAthena - Dec - Jan version (item.yml) already Client - 20180621a From my understanding rAthena emulator only uses 1 core, but checking htop the distribution of usage sometimes jumps from 1 core to another, is that normal? What could be the cause of the issue? Dedicated serer still not lacks power to run the server? Does faulty npc or script could possibly take resources? does it take CPU instead of RAM? Does Client and GRF can possibly add to mapserver CPU Usage? Could it be a faulty SRC? I only have whosell / gepard on it. Could it be Gepard? Have you experienced this issue? how did you happen to overcome? I checked the forums and there are few topics similar to this but it ended 2014 and some links has died already for reference. Hopefully someone could enlighten me for my next move. thank you!
  6. I checked cp vote log and its accountID on the right most. checked the .vp and its set to getchar3 as well. did you happen to change something on the sql query command on the npc script?
  7. Hi all, how can you run, or what's the correct way to recompile both? ./configure --with-maxconn=4096 ./configure --enable-packetver=20180621 at the same time? the maxconn gets overwritten by the packetver whenever I recompile. whats happening if I run only with maxconn, my players can login but can't move.
  8. What else could increase your cpu usage of mapserver? could be just a faulty vps? or the vps itself cant take too much load? I no longer have much of npcs and disabled picklogs. I just notices this massive increase in CPU Usage when characters are in magma_dun02 for about 50 people in it.,
  9. yup I do still plan to back it up, but mainly you can just drop all items in picklog and have no problems with account/characters right?
  10. you can just drop all data on picklog right? yea i was thinking to just enable trade logs
  11. This is map taking up cpu usage. what im thinking is that whenever logging of files takes too much traffic and this is what happens? could that be possible?
  12. Hi, Just wondering if turning on some logs can burn cpu usage? at some time my cpu usage doesn't go up more than 20%. at peak times it goes beyond 60% which causes delay in movements. Could picklog be an issue? flooding of traffic in saving?
  13. Having the same issue, I was able to vote for the first time, but after the cooldown when they vote it doesn't increase anymore. were you able to fix it? @kitty14 / @JulioFortunato
  14. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to get enlightened with my current situation. I currently have OVH's Elite Package, 8v cores, 8gb ram However, when we hit at a certain amount of people connected, the usage of the v core gets up to the red limit (Represented here via htop) Could this be the reason why the players are like back sliding at a certain time? the players doesnt experience lag, just the slides. what could be the problem? VPS' vCore can't keep up and needs a dedicated server? I have different ports used, could this be the issue?
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