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  1. correct, Aegis name could be anything it should not be duplicated with any other item within your active DB, else it will result to an error. This is like a server ID and must be 1:1. identifiedResourceName and view/class id are the ones only needed to be matched so you'd get a successful duplicate.
  2. check slammers reply, that's what he did.
  3. Does newer clients really not show on task bar? my test client of 20211103 doesn't show on my task bar and "Alt-Tab", is this a diff option for it to show up?
  4. Sorry what I meant was, if the Map, X, and Y is not specified, like the example on re/merchants. where can this data/npc located in game? is there an official barter NPC or command to access this in game if the map/location of npc is not set manually? - Name: shop_sp_cor Items: - Index: 0 Item: Teleport_Ep17_01 RequiredItems: - Index: 0 Item: EP17_1_EVT02 Amount: 1 - Index: 1 Item: Hat_ Amount: 1 Refine: 7 - Index: 2 Item: Dagger_ Amount: 1 Refine: 10 - Index: 3 Item: Jellopy Amount: 100
  5. @cook1e Hey, on these examples, NPCs are not specified, been trying to locate on how to access these npcs. if it's not specified, how can we access them? very new to barter system and exploring it, thank you!
  6. I'll check this option, thank you for the langtype and servicetype link.. I didn't set it as this is already the default client set in rathena packetver.
  7. Update... Played a with the diff settings and placed load custom clientinfo.xml to enabled and direct it to clientinfo.xml, together with other bunch of options, and now its working fine, even the font on the login screen fixed itself. I tried placing it back servicetype to 'america' as this is normally what I use, but placing servertype to 'primary' doesn't really let me launch the client. I'm using RAGEXE I believe -> http://nemo.herc.ws/clients/2021-11-03_Ragexe_1635926200/ should I use RAGEXE or RAGEXERE? I'll be using this for a pre-renewal settings, just want to try and infuse new RO features to pre-renewal style server. this link is from a comment of akkarin on this post.
  8. A little progress.. I removed some ignore error diff on the client and got a prompt of Incorrect Servertype, so I changed Servertype Primary to Sakray and the client is now going through. Now the problem is that, the client is not connecting to the Server, I tried creating an account using _m (yes it is activated server side), but it instantly pops up to Failed to Connect to Server. Rechecked, if the ports are opened on the VPS and it is the 3 ports are opened.. Now I'm not sure what I'm missing of if it's a misconfiguration. The server is starting fine without errors. Here's my clientinfo.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?> <clientinfo> <desc>Ragnarok Client Information</desc> <servicetype>korea</servicetype> <servertype>sakray</servertype> <connection> <display>Local</display> <address>VPS IP</address> <port>6900</port> <version>55</version> <langtype>1</langtype> <registrationweb>www.ragnarok.com</registrationweb> <loading> <image>loading00.jpg</image> <image>loading01.jpg</image> <image>loading02.jpg</image> <image>loading03.jpg</image> <image>loading04.jpg</image> <image>loading05.jpg</image> <image>loading06.jpg</image> </loading> </connection> </clientinfo> Here's my opened ports.. Here's the client now..
  9. Hi all, I'm currently trying the recommended client of rathena, I have also diffed it already. The issue: When you open the client, and after the run as admin prompt, nothing happens. no error messages. It just doesn't go through to open the exe. What could be the issue?
  10. what could be the issue when you opened the client and after the run as admin prompt, nothing happens? using 20211103 client
  11. Were you able to find an answer on how to activate the ShowDropEffect? I already added the drop effect to itemdb, I just cant figure what flag to use on the makeitem script.
  12. I added the DropAnnounce: true but it is not announcing, would there be any other modification needed?
  13. Are you using the Rare Drop Announce on drops.conf or this is the flag: dropAnnounce on item yml? Do you happen to know how to enable to DropAnnounce under flags on itemdb.yml?
  14. @Gladius on the latest rathena, item_flag is no longer available, hence maybe it was already added on the yml -> flags: dropAnnounce, do you happen to know how to use this? when I set to true and kill the monster who drops it, no announcement was made..
  15. Hi @sader1992, just wanting to know how'd you enable the canShowEffect option on makeitem script command? I've tried True,Enable,1,dropEffect words trying to enable it but failed. makeitem <item id>,<amount>,"<map name>",<X>,<Y>{,<canShowEffect>}; EDIT: Fixed, updated my emu
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