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  1. for the meantime no specific time, would want to disable it in general
  2. how can I disable /guildinvite command?
  3. Hi All, Not sure if this is the right section to post. but I just want to ask if where can you edit or is it a source edit that you could only have a number of specific class on a guild? for example. maximum of 4 wizards per guild only? or maybe a script that doesnt allow 5 or more wizards to enter in a castle?
  4. Hi All, Just want to ask how could I add more maps on the "set" script? I've tried using setarray or like adding comma, doing the || and &&, reviewed the scripts_command but can't find any.. maps to add 2012rwc_01 2012rwc_02 - script wardispell -1,{ OnInit: set .map$,"guild_vs3"; //HOW CAN I ADD MORE MAPS HERE? setmapflag .map$[0],mf_loadevent; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: if( strcharinfo(3) == .map$ ) while( [email protected] < 553 ){ if( [email protected] != SC_WEIGHT50 && [email protected] != SC_WEIGHT90 && [email protected] != SC_JAILED && [email protected] != SC_NOCHAT ) sc_end [email protected]; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1; } end; }
  5. Hi all, I just want to ask if this is where you adjust how fast a pet (not homunculus) gets hungry? Lower the rate and it will became slower to get hungry? else where would be the right area to adjust? * Tried setting to 50 but it gets hungry fast still...
  6. Hi All, I have my MVP maps PVP on when alive. just wondering if there could be a source edit or just a script similar to PK_Level_Range of the PK Mode? You can't kill players lower than a certain level.
  7. Does anybody know how other servers allowed it to be placed on skillbar?
  8. Did this work on your end? I tried changing but it still can't be placed.
  9. Hi! Aside from Vultr, do you guys know any other hosting that offers reliable LA Hosting? OVH / DO doesn't offer LA.
  10. Hi Annie!, This one worked out well, thanks everyone! - marketshop para_coin10 FAKE_NPC,6304:500000:10,6080:100000:10,6081:300000:10,6380:1000000:1000,6004:100000:1
  11. I was actually able to sort it out however manually. dropped every key that I don't need.
  12. This one actually works, but would there be something like you can see how much is left for you to buy? and easier to script to work with? on dynamic shop it looks like you need to replicate every script for each item you will be selling isn't that right?
  13. Hi all, Been searching through the forums, I saw a server had this. but can't find one here.. Zeny shop but with limited supply only.
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