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  1. Managed to download the whole thing if anyone else is having the same problem as I do, let me know. I can try and transfer it to you
  2. I would really love to try this out. Does any one have a mirror to this? I'm downloading it at a breakneck speed of 20KB/s
  3. @caspe Thanks so much, I'll try and see whether this works. I'm also on OpenKore but rAthena's crowd is super duper more awesome than OpenKore haha
  4. Hi @caspe, sorry for the late reply. It is online. Here's my settings on server.txt [NoobRO] # ip port 6900 version 51 master_version 2 serverType kRO_RagexeRE_2014_10_22b serverEncoding Western charBlockSize 147 addTableFolders kRO/RagexeRE_2014_10_22b;pserver;translated;translated/kRO_english;kRO recvpackets noobrecvpackets.txt Here's the recvpackets.txt If you need an account, you can use this one: ID: choowie Password: password1 You can also create your own account here Let me know what you find yes? Thank you so much again!
  5. @caspe we're trying to create a server where people who don't have much time but wants to relive the RO feel. Playing high rates servers have different feel than a low rate on but a low rate server equals countless playing hours. And botting doesn't necessarily mean disrupting the whole gameplay. We would want to have a normal gameplay when we are online but let the bot help us level up and farm. Botting requires knowledge of RO. You can't bot without knowing the monsters in a map, the eqs suitable for it and good stats. Having said all that, we do plan to use Packet Obs in the future which we will link with clientHash on openKore but before we go into that, we just wanna get a proof of concept by making a basic bottable server. Thank you so much for the ideas tho
  6. @Akkarin I did but got no replies for days and also it's a server that I'm running on my own using rAthena so I thought this would be a good place too
  7. Hi @caspe, When you say check if I have added client version on rathena config file, do you mean in the mmo.h & packet_db.txt? If yes, then I have added those two and recompiled afterwards. On the OpenKore side, I've also commented the $self->cryptKeys(688214506, 761751195, 731196533); but still to no avail. However, the server is now throwing a slightly different error. Now it's saying clif_parse: Disconnecting session #8 with unknown packet version (p:0x5abe,l:19) Thank you so much too! P/S: Not too sure myself about rAthena's stance on OpenKore (or botting in general) but I do hope I've posted this on the right thread
  8. Thanks for link. That's something new for but I've checked the settings in conf/login_athena.conf and all are not active. Anything else I might be missing? Thank you so much too
  9. Thanks for the suggestion but as per mentioned in the initial post, I've done that and it's still not working
  10. Hi guys, I hope I'm in the right place. I'm working on creating a server that players can bot in. I've got the server up and running and all and all is well except the botting bit. So, some details about my server, I'm running it on a 2014-10-22 client which is supported by OpenKore at the moment but I everytime I run the bot, it'll get rejected by the map server with the error, "The server has denied you connection". So here's what I have done: Re-create my recvpackets.txt via PEEK and used it in the settings. Made sure that setting are properly done on server-side (mmo.h file set to 20141022, packets_db.txt the packet_ver is set to 51, disable obfuscation from the server-side and recompiled everything) Tested out with normal client and not connection issue. I can play the game as per usual This is the error I'm getting from the map-server is clif_parse: Disconnecting session #8 with unknown packet version (p:0x08a2,l:19) I don't have this issue with my RO client, only with the OpenKore bot. I can post the server settings including the recvpackets.txt if anyone needs it. Thank you all!
  11. Hi, I currently am having a slight problem.. all the buttons below my Basic Information is unclickable and aligned in a straight line, downwards.. I am currently using a 2010-07-30 client.. i run very well without a hiccup except this.. thanks for the help guys
  12. hey guys, I've found a solution that enables my izlude to used flawlessly (for me at least) i used Judas' setup.. it worked well.. so for those who are having the same problem as I do, maybe you can give it a try here's the link to Judas' Setup : good luck and thanks to all for all the help
  13. Hi, I've tried both 2011-11-28 and 2012-04-10 but I cant seem to go to char selection page.. what am I doing wrong? if updated my mmo.h, recompiled and choose the specified packet in packet_db but I still can't get thru the char selection.. it always comes to "Failed to connect to server" thanks for the help guys, especially Judas..
  14. about packet_db.txt, I actually am not quite sure as to how to use it.. I saw my client goes under version 30, does this means that I enter 30 as the version on clientinfo.xml?.. sorry for such noob questions..