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  1. Olá pessoal tudo bom? Estou procurando um script NPC que seria custom do BG, é encontrando em alguns servidores BR, eles contém Inferno/ Team Death Match/ Conquest entro outros, mas esses são um dos mais famosos entre os players e gostaria de disponibilizar no meu servidor também. Porém não encontro essa versão mano, ja rodei até no Hercoles, mas o máximo de informação que encontro são BG's implantadas manualmente(não sei se é) e coisas com eamod. Então para tirar a sombra da dúvida e saber se estou no caminho certo, estou perguntando aqui. Obrigado pessoal.
  2. Thank you Rynbef !! That script is really perpectly, I did some edits and is running ^^ I thank you.
  3. Hi guys, I searched someone script of NPC and I found two or tree, but I had problems. I need one PvP Master NPC that have Rank SQL, Wav sounds, skull drop, and Rotative MAP. I already saw one like that when I plays in servers, but I can't find here. While I don't find, if you can help me with this I will be happy! Thank you!
  4. Hello guys, someone Please can help me about these translations as this map: What name of luafile should be? The second SS is when I activate the Monster Tab Box Know how I translate that? I'm using Pre-Re confs.
  5. How I can set value to group level = 1, 5, or 99(adm example)? or mean the vip status is already some representative value? Do the script db must be like below? - Id: 607 AegisName: Yggdrasilberry Name: Yggdrasil Berry Type: Healing Buy: 5000 Weight: 300 Flags: BuyingStore: true Delay: Duration: 5000 Status: Reuse_Limit_F Script: | if(status_vip(VIP_STATUS_ACTIVE)(getitem 607,1;); percentheal 100,100; Edit: I got error:
  6. Hello, I searched for how I can set like yggdrasil berry item(or other) for to not be used, and be infinite for one group(like vip). How I can set infinite usable item for Vip Chacracters? Thanks
  7. A: Go to Nemo or your prefered differ and set: -> Set Mail Button = 0 value to HIDE, 1 to SHOW -> Skip some hidden buttons = for no show blank button of the rodex or others buttons that you want hide or if you don't find the first button, select -> Hide Rodex Button But if you set the [Set Mail Button] will not necessary again set the [Hide Rodex Button] Now, to disable only for especied job like novice, I think no way to do. I Think! Not sure!
  8. Hello everyone, I have a npc script of the Death Arena that I found just here. But I have the problem not repro .wav files that already exists myserver.grf at data(grf)\wav\(.wav) A: How I setup the wavs at below script? Have to setup lub/lua or others files to? A2: If I want to put to drop skulls with character name in pvp, what I may to do? If someone undertands about, please help me. Script NPC:
  9. Thanks you, sir Start_ and to you too ItRas. Now all is ok. Problem Solved What I did: Replaced src folder and after did the changes how I wanted.
  10. Thanks sir. I added all lines and recompiled but I have problems, I think I changed something or not, but don't have, how you see, the delay_rate function...? s_bonus function? Knows the interligation: delay_rate // s_bonus // map_session_data Do you know what is that? But not all lines I changed had problems. I searched for something I could have change but nothing.... What to do? Please.
  11. Thanks sir Frost, bless you. Problem Solved
  12. Hello guys My problem is the Kiel Card Function, I'm using PRE_RE Settings but the card increase the interval, OK OK!! I inverted the value like + to - or - to + and nothing !! That only increase's the delay! How it's possible? Not only this card, but others items like armor's don't execute this value correctly! I mean that it happened since I downloaded the rAthena, came that issue for me... I need to try other thing?
  13. Hello guys, I'm tired on trying for to much time the link of the parameters, how you can see below: A: How edits the initial message that apears in the ballon how I show for you in the SS? A2: How edits the WEB LINK of the Cash Image that in the moment is hypero.com? (cash image I know where edit, but I didn't find the link no one local!) Oo'
  14. Hello! I think I forgot some thing... I'm having a problem with when I click to acess "Game Settings" in my hexed 20180620 that simply and without error messages the client exits and no more. What I have to do ?
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