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  1. Hello guys, someone Please can help me about these translations as this map: What name of luafile should be? The second SS is when I activate the Monster Tab Box Know how I translate that? I'm using Pre-Re confs.
  2. How I can set value to group level = 1, 5, or 99(adm example)? or mean the vip status is already some representative value? Do the script db must be like below? - Id: 607 AegisName: Yggdrasilberry Name: Yggdrasil Berry Type: Healing Buy: 5000 Weight: 300 Flags: BuyingStore: true Delay: Duration: 5000 Status: Reuse_Limit_F Script: | if(status_vip(VIP_STATUS_ACTIVE)(getitem 607,1;); percentheal 100,100; Edit: I got error:
  3. Hello, I searched for how I can set like yggdrasil berry item(or other) for to not be used, and be infinite for one group(like vip). How I can set infinite usable item for Vip Chacracters? Thanks
  4. A: Go to Nemo or your prefered differ and set: -> Set Mail Button = 0 value to HIDE, 1 to SHOW -> Skip some hidden buttons = for no show blank button of the rodex or others buttons that you want hide or if you don't find the first button, select -> Hide Rodex Button But if you set the [Set Mail Button] will not necessary again set the [Hide Rodex Button] Now, to disable only for especied job like novice, I think no way to do. I Think! Not sure!
  5. Hello everyone, I have a npc script of the Death Arena that I found just here. But I have the problem not repro .wav files that already exists myserver.grf at data(grf)\wav\(.wav) A: How I setup the wavs at below script? Have to setup lub/lua or others files to? A2: If I want to put to drop skulls with character name in pvp, what I may to do? If someone undertands about, please help me. Script NPC:
  6. Thanks you, sir Start_ and to you too ItRas. Now all is ok. Problem Solved What I did: Replaced src folder and after did the changes how I wanted.
  7. Thanks sir. I added all lines and recompiled but I have problems, I think I changed something or not, but don't have, how you see, the delay_rate function...? s_bonus function? Knows the interligation: delay_rate // s_bonus // map_session_data Do you know what is that? But not all lines I changed had problems. I searched for something I could have change but nothing.... What to do? Please.
  8. Thanks sir Frost, bless you. Problem Solved
  9. Hello guys My problem is the Kiel Card Function, I'm using PRE_RE Settings but the card increase the interval, OK OK!! I inverted the value like + to - or - to + and nothing !! That only increase's the delay! How it's possible? Not only this card, but others items like armor's don't execute this value correctly! I mean that it happened since I downloaded the rAthena, came that issue for me... I need to try other thing?
  10. Hello guys, I'm tired on trying for to much time the link of the parameters, how you can see below: A: How edits the initial message that apears in the ballon how I show for you in the SS? A2: How edits the WEB LINK of the Cash Image that in the moment is hypero.com? (cash image I know where edit, but I didn't find the link no one local!) Oo'
  11. Hello! I think I forgot some thing... I'm having a problem with when I click to acess "Game Settings" in my hexed 20180620 that simply and without error messages the client exits and no more. What I have to do ?
  12. Thanks! It works now! Rest my problem about no saving SS's (screenshot), don't you know? @edit If you're searching for the SS, I only moved the paste where is found the screenshot paste, to under C:/ or letter of disk in that uses, before my paste was in desktop.
  13. Hello people, I have 2 problems that I think be easy, but for me that don't know... The skill Tree TAB as you see and when I Print the Screen while gaming, the Print image don't appears in the ScreenShot paste? What this mean? NOTE: I PRINT THAT USING PAINT BEFORE PRINTSCREEN, NOT THE SCREENSHOT PASTE! If can help, thanks!
  14. I tried with some possibilities that you said, 2nd - > I went test BEFORE and AFTER using the before files (in this situation to show my issue to you I'm using only skill_descript) -> With using the lub (skilldescript) Note: I Used that file bellow (I checked the LUA and LUB) no errors after saved. Saved with GRF Editors after open the LUB, when I save with Notepad++ don't works cause the ANSI. (So, I opened grfeditor to create a new grf to only use to add the lua file that I want use and after saved as in the grfeditor.) And now here below, when I used without LUB skilldescript (only file I'm using only now to resolve the issue as all) The example its not the same skill, but they are so similar talking about this letters. Right friends, I have all this issue to resolve: -> That happens with my ITEMS, LOGIN PIN CODE INSTRUCTIONS, AND WHERE HAVE "~^`´Çç" ... If someones already had pass that or knows how to pass, help me please.
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