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  1. Hello guys, sorry for asking. i already find other thread about this. but still didnt found it. if there is any possible to make a devotion skill has effect bonus when cast on his teammate party? example in WoE situation, When the player get devotion by a Paladin. there is bonus effect such as reduce demi human 3% or give stats +5? is that possible ?
  2. how to make this freebies script will only gave freebies for those account credited after account id 2000001? below that account will not be given any freebies. Even making new char in same account will not get the reward
  3. 2013-12-23 / 2012-04-10 Exe ya, but this is not. i just cannot use that gunslinger skill without flip coin. if i use without flip coin. my client will stopped working. after i use flip coin, i can use that skill like normal...
  4. Thank you, its worked. Thanks so much. I appreciated your help.
  5. Hi all, i just wanna ask about my client. When i use Gunslinger skill like Madness Canceller, Increasing Accuracy, Adjustment Panic without Flip Coin, My client will automatically stopped working. If I use skill flip coin after that i cast skill, i did't get any error. Is that problem with sprite / client? I don't know what i have been until get this error. i hope someone can help/guide me.
  6. Hi all, I just wanna to ask this question, i already search in other section but i didnt met it. How can i refine the unrefined item? such as poo poo hat, beret or other else. Can we change it ? and where should i change the script @@
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