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  1. I would like to modify this command to fakeparty name not character name want to do some ranking name on party name but i don't know about src files
  2. I wanna use the navigator system but in 2012 04 10 there have a prob with navi ...
  3. did you try to change the switch into menu yet ? May be the prob is from switch( just guess...) Change switch into .inst = (instance_create("Test Instance",.@partyid)) ; and then use if else
  4. i cannot delete my character using 2012-04-10 exe server 3CeAm727 my problem is it's tell me to use the code from kafar ( 6 letters ) so i went to kafra and check for the password set but nothing (not the kafra storage password ) and then i use my email , birthday (0000-00-00 , 00000000) but it still cannot delete it T_T i cannot post in 3CeAm because i didn't receive the approve email yet ...
  5. as command @fakepname like @fakename to fake the party name my point is change the party name to the ranking name
  6. really love it can you share me this one? TT
  7. you must place OnInit: waitingroom "Guild Transfer Package",0; end; under if( countitem(29455) == 1 && #guild_package == 0 ) { mes "[Manager]"; mes "Let see if you already qualified to get those items.."; next; mes "Checking......."; next; mes "You are Qualified to get this Guild Package Item?"; mes "Thanks For Playing Adik sa Ragnarok Online"; next; getitem2 20000,1,1,7,0,0,0,0,0; //Diablo Armor getitem2 20001,1,1,7,0,0,0,0,0; //Diablo Boots getitem2 20002,1,1,7,0,0,0,0,0; //Diablo Manteau getitem2 20004,1,1,7,0,0,0,0,0; //Diablo Robe getitem 20003,2; //Diablo Ring getitem 20012,1; //GentlePipe getitem 20010,1; //LadyTanee Card getitem 20011,1; //TaoGunka Card delitem 29455,1; set #guild_package, 2; close; } else if( countitem(29455) == 0 && #guild_package >= 1 ) { mes "Sorry you are not qualified to get the guild package!"; next; mes "You need a Guild Package Ticket and Make sure its your first time to get the Package.!"; close; } because when you talk with npc , npc will run the OnInit script and end it as you write .
  8. like this
  9. it's simple problem , look at bonus2 bMatkRate,7; change it to bonus bMatkRate,7; that's all =D I know this because I had error like this before LOL
  10. May be like this with map array ? - script YOURPVPCASHPOINT -1,{ OnInit: setarray .mappk$[0],"mapname1","mapname2","mapname3",...,"mapnamex"; set @cashpkilldelay, 300; //Delay OnPCKillEvent: getmapxy (.@map$, .@x, .@y, 0); for(set .@i,0; .@i < (getarraysize(.mappk$)); set .@i,.@i+1) { if(.@map$ == .mappk$[.@i]) { if(@cashpkillid != killedrid || @cashpkilltime + @cashpkilldelay < gettimetick(2)) { set #CASHPOINTS, #CASHPOINTS + 1; set @cashpkillid, killedrid; set @cashpkilltime, gettimetick(2); dispbottom "you gained 1 cash point"; } } } end; } I didn't test it yet and I'm not pro at this point -.- try and edit by yourself