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Files posted by KamiShi

  1. Free

    34 Kamishi's Clothes Dyes (Updated 2018!!)

    Support All classes including new Mounts, Oboro, Kagerou and costumes! Yay!. =3
    The palettes are ranged from 0 to 35.
    For this pack to look the best you must use my corrected classes sprites !
    These palettes are from my big 700 palette pack !
    If you want more clothes dyes, you may consider asking for one of my Paletting services (More than 700 Palettes, Races and Colors! :3).
    Thank you very much!



  2. Free

    Corrected Classes & Head Sprites

    This pack corrects the bad pixels on ragnarok classes and heads with nose or coloured eyes. It makes palletes looks better in general.
    Take a look at the screenshots for samples.
    First classes corrected 2nd Job classes corrected Rebirth classes corrected Special classes corrected (Ninja, taekwon..) Gryphon corrected (for Rune Knight) Official Head Sprites from 1 to 27 corrected. Also contains an extra file: FIX FOR WARLOCK (Credits to Vach ). Use it only if you experience issues with Warlock sprite. If you get any issue with one of the sprites (that shouldn't happen though ), like gravity error when using skill, or moving, just delete the bad-working sprite, update it to the last gravity official version, and make me know about it. Sometimes gravity update a sprite (it happened once in 6 years...so...) and it can crash with new clients. I'm able to fix it very quickly if it happens.
    If you want the best looking palettes with this pack, take a look at my free Palettes and my 700 Palettes set!



  3. Free

    9 Wings from the Past - Made in 2006

    I made these wings for VHXRO, a server which is now closed since 2007. These are old sprites. Actually, my first wings. I am releasing them for free. I changed my mind because they're a bit old and I'm note sure they should be sold.
    In exchange, please talk to the "ragnarok people" about my palettes pack & services !
    The pack contains sprites (female and male), sprite icon, bmp icon, and collection picture. If you have a problem please let me know!
    Hope you enjoy, show me screens of your server using it!
    Thanks you.



  4. Free

    36 Kamishi's Unique Dyes With BROWN SKIN

    Hi, I made a special unique Dark-ish set of 32 palettes with Brown skin.
    Support All classes including new Mounts, Oboro, Kagerou.. =3
    The palettes are ranged from 100 to 136.
    For this pack to look the best you must use my corrected classes sprites !
    If you want more you may consider buying my 700 Palette Pack or my races ! .
    If you want another skin color on this set please contact me, unfortunately it's not free.
    Don't hesitate to contact me for any question about paletting !



  5. Free

    34 Kamishi's Hair Dyes (From 127 Hair Dyes Pack)

    Hello everyone!
    I figured it would be useful to have free hair dyes with the 32 free clothes dyes.... So people could setup the minimal stuff with clean palettes. :3
    This 34 Hair dye pack, is, imo, pretty complete. It's a nice colored rainbow, as you can see on the pictures.
    It works really good with most of the custom hair sprites from #28 (No ugly noses), But you must use my corrected hair sprites for official sprites from #1 to #27.
    It works for 69 Hairsprites maximum. If you want more, you may consider asking for one of my Paletting services (700 Palettes, Races and Colors! :3).
    Thank you very much!



  6. Free

    553/251 Old Dyes / Palettes Working All Classes

    (I am not the creator of this set!)
    Here is an updated version of the well known 553 Clothes Dyes / 251 Hair Dyes Pack.
    I duplicated the existing palettes from the pack to fill the missing gaps. It now works with 3rd classes, kagerou, oboro, and everything.
    However, I didn't fix any of the issues in this pack, you may see:
    - Black Areas on clothes
    - Ugly colors that doesn't fit ragnarok like flashy yellow
    - Many palettes which look the same
    - 3rd classes which doesn't look really good
    - Blacks Pecos
    I made a picture with all the palettes, you can check it.
    If you want palettes of a better quality, you may want to check My Palleting Services.
    Thank you!



  7. Free

    Broken Wings (+ Recolors)

    I'm glad to release some wings I made in the past for free.
    If you like them, please let me know!
    You may also check all my other free files, which are websites themes for Flux, palettes, and other nice things



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