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  1. Free

    Green FluxCP theme

    Its a green colored fluxcp theme, its coded with rAthena compatible fluxcp. PSD file, font files are available inside the files. It also consist of PVP ladder script with dota announcement by ~AnnieRuru~ for the PvP Ladder on the website. The News and Update section uses RSS feed from your forums. Easy to edit stuffs, just find eAdevconfig.php under themes/default/main/. Please leave the credits to me and eAdev. Enjoy!



  2. Free

    FluxCP Theme v2 - Brightix

    Hello Everyone!
    This is a simple theme created by me very long time ago. It is compatible with FluxCP running on rAthena emulator.
    How to install? Just replace the files with themes folder of your FluxCP and enjoy!

    PSD file included to change logo
    RSS feed on index page to fetch your latest news from forum
    Easy to edit, just find eAdevconfig.php under themes/default/main/
    Lastly, it cost nothing! Download it for free

    Please leave the credits if you are using the theme.
    Drop me an email on [email protected] for installation support. Enjoy!



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