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  1. Hi Guys, I recently realized that the svn I had is outdated, I downloaded the new version that is in github, but wanting to complicate me throw that mistake! I'm using visual studio 2017 I leave a photo to see if it is my pc that gives me that problem, and if there is no solution, someone could share a svn last version already compiled. Thank you very much.
  2. Ok ... I'll deal with the version change. It happens that I do not know why it does not let me compile with visual studio gives me many errors. Thank you !
  3. Hola Enthr! Dale ahi te adjuntos unas imagenes....gracias por ayduarme !! Espero que esta informacion pueda ayudar ! Hi Sader now attachament a img thank you for help me! I hope this information will work!
  4. Hi guys! My name is Daniel and I have a problem with map server... I mean, the log and char function is very good... i can log with a client and create my char but when press enter for insert the world, appears a error " dissconnect from server" in the machine server log char and map stay connected, and sincronized. i wait for your answer. thanks. bye Daniel. pd: sry for my poor english i am from argentina.
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