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  1. bonus run on type of healing or food

    I know how to use sc_start. create new a sc_start , need to compiled source code. so , add to script code can create tmp's sc_start. i try again to comply, thx.
  2. bonus run on type of healing or food

    so , can add timer to PC add script code? example #12436 Vitata_500 we need not to create new sc_scart we just { durationscript 500000,"{ bonus bMaxSPrate,5; bonus bSPrecovRate,20; }"; } sorry , i don't know this is short nessage.
  3. anyone know , the bouns just work on equip. but , I want script code can run on type of healing or food. Example: durationscript <duration>,<script> 501,Red_Potion,Red Potion,0,50,,70,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ durationscript 5000,"{ bonus bStr,5; }"; },{},{} like autobonus when i using Red Potion can add 5 str in 5sec. as a result , we can create tmp's sc_start script. can some one help me,please?