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  1. He/she is not joking. I have been having the same problem. If I try to go to I get a host error like the following (sometimes I get error 523) [spoiler=Error] HOWEVER, if I go to "" without the /board at the end I get.... [spoiler=Access] ...which lets me access rAthena. I've put the pictures in spoilers because they're rather large.
  2. The consequences for gamers: no more PC cafes, possible shutdown of many games. The consequences for companies: heavy restrictions, 6% of their income (not profit!) to be paid as a tax. I can grab a Korean link if needed. Thoughts?
  3. I was just wondering why it's called Asura Strike instead of Extremity Fist. After all, rAthena is following kRO. Oh well, thanks for the explanation everyone.
  4. MO_EXTREMITYFIST#Asura_Strike# Uh... what? Most of the other skills are sensibly named. Even in old clientside data files it said "kRO name: Extremity Fist. iRO name: Guillotine Fist." Where did Asura Strike come from, jRO? I'm not asking to change it, I'm just wondering where the name came from.
  5. Wonder why they did this. Did something not work correctly? This sounds very interesting. I'm guessing a red thing appears on the ground, but I want to see it. Is it just a red version of the green cell selection? This should also make moving around better.
  6. Client: 2011-06-14bRagexeRE Server: rAthena 16034 No source mods. The problem: when I close all the windows in the client with F11 the dancer/gypsy/wanderer/whatever starts dancing way too fast. Here are the steps I took. 1. Equip a whip and use Please Don't Forget Me (works with other 2nd class solo dances too, haven't tried ensemble skills yet...) 2. After you start dancing, take the whip off. Do not move. 3. Press F11 twice to hide everything. 4. The character dances faster than the speed of sound! So yeah, is this a client issue or a server issue? I think it's a client issue, but I have no idea. Anyone else having this problem? I noticed the fewer windows open, the faster she dances. EDIT - This also only seems to happen with fullscreen mode. She dances correctly if I make the client windowed. This is definitely a client issue... but how would I fix it?
  7. Did I just see Jinnai Tomonori with his tetris skit? Here's another one. edit - Eff you copyright. >.>