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Robe & Garment Sprites

New custom Robe & Garment sprites!

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    Double Blades


    Greetings again, rAthena!
    I'm Haziel, you might know me from the work I've done for the past years, I'm back again with new releases every week.
    And, to begin with, I'm bringing back my old freebies which had their links broken for quite a while now.
    But, I couldn't do that without improving them and bringing them to the current level of skill I have nowadays.

    Double Blades were once called (by me) Crossed Swords, it is made upon a dropped concept from Gravity of a Robe/Garment, so I took the oportunity and finished the work.
    I hope you enjoy the final product!

    If you're interested on my work, Contact me on  hyering or through one of the channels below!

    By downloading this file, you agree with my Terms of Service:
    • YOU WILL NOT remove my signature from any of the included files.
    • YOU WILL NOT alter, edit, recolour any of my files unless for your personal use.
    • YOU WILL NOT repost, repass or mirror my work nor edited versions of it anywhere.
    • YOU WILL NOT sell, resell or in any manner, ask money or rewards using my work as exchange.
    • YOU WILL NOT claim my work as yours.



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