rAthena C++ Migration      It's a well-known fact that people can get old. A software can also get old. It has been years that rAthena forked from eAthena, which is a fork of jAthena. Countless changes were committed. A large number of developers come and go. So, we think that it's time to move forward and leave things from 200x behind.   I'd like to announce the project that was started by @Lighta, picked up later by the rA dev team, Project rAthena++. It is an attempt of converting rAthena source code from C language to C++ with utilizing object-oriented programming in mind. We believe that libraries available in C++ will facilitate us greatly in creating new features in the future. Code for the project can be found in our GitHub Repository.   However, the project has its downside. It may break every single source mods out there. Although, I believe that it will be much easier to recreate mods in the future. In addition, rAthena being in C++ open the possibility for a nice plugin system to make mod developers' life easier. Also, currently the project will not compile on Linux. We will make a change to our Makefile later to support Linux.   Additionally, I'd like to ask you to help test this new branch of rAthena throughout the development process for bugs or bad merges that may happen here and there. The project is still in very early stage. Its code is not much different to what we currently have now, but it will get refactored everywhere possible to make a good code base to develop in the future.   Finally, special thanks to @Lighta for a good base of code. @Sirius_Black for his refactored solution for rAthena. @Aleos for great advices and tips. @Lemongrass for great advices and tips. @Cydh for a great piece of code that get me out of the compile errors hell. Secrets signing out!   Links: C++ development branch: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/tree/refactor/rA-cpp