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The ID

Why the ID first? The ID controls what type of weapon sprite is displayed. Going outside the ID range will cause you to "punch" when attacking.

Open your db/re/item_db.txt and find the section with the weapon type you need. The allowable range is usually obvious.

Item ID Item Type
1100-1149 One-Handed Sword
1150-1199 Two-Handed Sword
1200-1249 Knife
1250-1299 Katar
1300-1349 One-Handed Axe
1350-1399 Two-Handed Axe
1400-1449 One-Handed Spear
1450-1499 Two-Handed Spear
1500-1549 Mace
1550-1599 Book
1600-1649 Rod
1700-1749 Bow
1750-1799 Arrow
1800-1849 Knuckle
1900-1949 Instrument
1950-1999 Whip
13000-13099 Knife
13100-13149 Handgun
13150-13199 Other Gunslinger Weapons
13300-13399 Shuriken
13400-13499 One-Handed Sword


To make a custom bow, searching for "Bows" in item_db shows that bow IDs start at 1701 and end at 1749. Since there are no remaining IDs, commenting out an unused bow would work.

Otherwise, skip to the next set of bows, which start at 18101. Select an open ID in that range.

The Sprite

The client requires a sprite for every job the weapon can be used by. Some programs can automatically organize the files:

Don't forget to give the weapon an icon in /sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ/, as well as an inventory icon and collection image in /texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/item/ and /texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/collection/.

Other Client Data

Lastly, the client data tables need to be filled out:

  • idnum2itemdesctable.txt: Identified item description.
  • idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt: Identified item display name.
  • idnum2itemresnametable.txt: Identified sprite name.
  • itemslotcounttable.txt: Number of weapon slots, if necessary (skip if 0).
  • num2itemdesctable.txt: Unidentified item description, if necessary.
  • num2itemdisplaynametable.txt: Unidentified item display name, if necessary.
  • num2itemresnametable.txt: Unidentified sprite name, if necessary.

And... you are done!

Additionally for the sprite to display you can place the custom weapon sprites in the following folder "data/sprite/Àΰ£Á·"

´ÑÀÚ Ninja weapon sprites
¸¶¹ý»ç Mage weapon sprites
¸ùÅ© Monk weapon sprites
¿¬±Ý¼ú»ç Alchemist weapon sprites
¿î¿µÀÚ GM Weapon sprites
񃯇 Knight weapon sprites
±Ã¼ö Archer weapon sprites
 »óÀÎ Merchant weapon sprites
°Ç³Ê Gunslinger weapon sprites
°Ë»ç Swordsman weapon sprites
µµµÏ Thief weapon sprites
·Î±× Rogue weapon sprites
¼¼ÀÌÁö Sage weapon sprites
¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ Acolyte weapon sprites
½´ÆÛ³ëºñ½º Super novice weapon sprites
½ÅÆäÄÚÅ©·ç¼¼ÀÌ´õ Crusader weapon sprites (when mounted on peco)
¾î¼¼½Å Assassin weapon sprites
¹«Èñ Dancer weapon sprites
¹Ùµå Bard weapon sprites
Á¦Ã¶°ø Blacksmith weapon sprites
À§Àúµå Wizard weapon sprites
Å©·ç¼¼ÀÌ´õ Crusader weapon sprites
ÆäÄÚÆäÄÚ_±â»ç Knight weapon sprites (when mounted on peco)
Ãʺ¸ÀÚ Novice weapon sprites
ÇÁ¸®½ºÆ® Priest weapon sprites
ÇåÅÍ Hunter weapon sprites


Q: Weapon is an Unknown Item.

A: An error in resnametable. The client is not reading any value, so it becomes unknown.

Q: The weapon sprite shows fine when standing, turns to punches when attacking.

A: The ID for the weapon isn't in the allowed range. Make sure the value is correct.

Q: The weapon sprite doesn't show at all.

A: Re-check file/folder names and placement.

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